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Nov 26, 2018
Hi, do you offer RCB on subscription ?
Thank you for your interest, I would give you RCB but sponsors do not get any typical referral commission, thy get commission trough matching bonuses when matrix position is cyclen from their referral. For example, if you purchase trading package 25$, you automatically get 5$ position in matrix, when that position is cycled you will get 5$ on cash balans + entry on higher level + your sponsor(upline gets 5$ as well) please check out attachment.

So you see, YSP does not offer typical referral commission, so nobody can not offer any instant RCB, however I can offer you 50% RCB when your positions are cycled, for example if you deposit 253$ (3$ goes for mandatory membership) and you purchase 10 x 25$ trading packages= 250$, you will get 10 matrix positions valued 5$ each which is 10x5$= 50$ and when those positions are cycled you will receive 50$ on your earning balance and I will get 50$ on my commission balance, so I can offer you 50% back when that happen. So, you will get 50$ from matrix position + 25$from me.

While you are waiting your positions to cycle you receive passive monthly income which you can withdraw every 30 days from your date of deposit. On 250$ that should be around 90$ every month.


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