You can now mine using Asus Cards



Jun 26, 2018
Taiwan company Asus being in partnership with Quantum Cloud has recently announced that it will allow gamers to use a part of their cards hashrate for cloud mining of the cryptocurrencies, in case the hardware isn’t used at the moment - this is what the says.

If you’ve read the paragraph above and you still understand nothing, means first that you’re not alone and second, you can be happy to find a way out: FAQ

Notice that the ‘passive income’ can be withdrawn via PayPal payment system or WeChat (which is a Chinese messenger with an opportunity to pay inside the chats). To make an account on the Quantum Cloud platform you will need accounts of either one system or another.

At the same time, Quantum Cloud can’t and don’t guarantee that gamers will get at least some profit, because everything depends on the cryptocurrency industry dynamics.

What is more, the platform users’ privacy is protected on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By the way, Asus has been working hard for the last time to make their hardware more aimed at mining. For example, they have recently released a motherboard for mining with a capacity of 20 videocards.

You can now mine using Asus Cards
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