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Dec 4, 2018
Important Things To Know Before You Start Trading
Forex is one of the most traded markets all over the globe. In the present scenario, there are large number of people gain knowledge of forex trading to gain some trading sessions. Moreover, if you have the effective knowledge of forex trading and the various affecting currencies, you can create lots of money. With the help of forex trading you will make a reliable amount of money. In case if you don't know about the forex trading then you will need to learn trading by online classes. If you want to start forex trading there are some important things you need to know before going to start the trading to earn well without losing all your investments overnight.
Try to Choose the Reliable Forex Trading Broker
To start the forex trading you will need to choose the reliable broker. There are several things you will need to know before going to start trading. Try to research the reliable and the best broker that is right for you.
Conditions to Start Trading: You will need to find the broker that gives you the minimum spreads, reliable commissions if any, swap charger on the currency pairs in which you trade.
Minimum Amount of Deposit: You will need to find out the minimum amount of deposit required that will offer by the broker. Check the margin/ leverage that can be used.
Available Currency Pairs: In the present scenario there is the various number of forex broker that offers the currency pairs and the CFD's on the stocks, indices, precious metals, oil, etc. Check that the broker offers the currency pairs and the CFD's in which you want to trade.
Broker Must have Dedicated Customer Support: Check that your broker must have reliable customer support(Via email, phone, or live chat) and always check the languages they offer support.
Contests and Bonuses: Try to Grab the Bonuses offered by the broker to the new clients. Check the bonuses that are given by the broker and if they offer any type of contests then keep you motivated throughout your trading.

It's necessary to have a proper partner close by, so pick carefully and search for an agent with a long history on the Forex Market.
Learn the Forex Market Movements
In today’s world all the Forex brokers have an education session in which you will learn all types of resources that will help you to start trading. For Example you try to watch the tutorial session of the forex trading, watch online videos, and try to join the webinar related to the forex trading.

Try to learn the forex trading with the basics is one of the important things to spotting the forex market opportunities with different levels. Start your trading by analyzing market trends. Moreover, you will need to understand the effect of the market by monitoring the daily forex technical analysis, Technical analysis, trading signals, Trading news, data releases, and some of the economics news to know about the market trends.
Open a Demo Account
Forex demo accounts are free, and all dealers offer them. You should simply register at the specialist's site and download the trading platforms. The most well-known stages are MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. When you have a demo account you can begin setting orders progressively without taking a chance with your cash. Here are a few reasons why a Demo Account is advantageous to traders:

Learn to Run Metatrader Platform: The MT4 and MT5 stages have numerous helpful highlights, and you need to realize them well to use the commodity. You should try out things like graphs, economic pointers, and expert advice.
Different Order Types: There are a few request types accessible in the MT4 and MT5 stage and it's necessary to get them. The most widely recognized requests are: advertising request, stop losses, take benefit, and cutoff and stop orders. Using these requests accurately will assist you with increasing your benefit and limit your losses.
Create Some Strategy: Since Demo accounts utilize virtual cash, you can investigate how the market moves and test out various trading techniques. You can submit the same number of requests as you need and assess your trading execution after some time. The significant thing is to continue improving your procedure and to adjust it to changing market movements.
Currency Pairs and CFD’s: The most trading currency pairs are EUR/USD and numerous trainees pick it for their first trades. Other important currencies pairs include USD/JPY ("The Gopher"), GBP/USD ("The Cable"), USD/CAD, USD/CHF ("The Swissie"), and AUD/USD ("The Aussie").

When you've done the above things and procured the abilities required, you can continue with opening a live record with the agent you've picked. Remember that it requires some investment for a Forex trader to build up a drawn-out attractive methodology. Always remember that it will take some time for the Forex trader to develop the long term profit strategy. But once you learn all the important things about the forex trading then you will able to take the benefits of the Forex Market.

Most Economic Event’s
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  • USD Fed Chair Powell Speech
  • GBP Retail Sales m/m

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Dec 4, 2018
Technical Overview of EUR/USD, GBP/USD on Currency Pairs!
Seems Bear Flag on 15-min Chart

The EUR/USD will look at the south with the 15min Chart that will report the bear flag at breakdown.

The pair will reach the bearish continuation pattern that will open the doors drop at 1.13 level as per the target.

It will psychologically reach the level of support of 1.12. It will follow the flag breakdown that will accept the pair above the 1.1242.

It will immediately go to the bias bullish turns above the level 1.13 on thursday. It will also confirm the descending triangle breakout into the 4 hour chart and expose the June high at 1.1422.

The pair will be trading largely at 1.1234 that will put a high impact on the currency pair and it will reach the level high at 1.242 this friday.
The cable pair will seem at the reversal on GBP/USD that will jump to 3-1/2 highs on this Thursday indicating the demand of the bullish pattern.

The risk reversal rose to -1.00 that will seem the higher at March 11, that will hit the low of -6.6 in March. The GBP/USD gauge increased from -2.15 to -1.00 in the last three weeks.
The cable pair will contradict and reach the level decline from 1.28 to 1.2252.

It will clearly say that the option of the market movements and the GBP/USD pair will position the upswing.

According to the Press time thepair will be trading largely unchanged at the level near the 1.2462.

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  • INR Markit Composite PMI
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Dec 4, 2018
Today we are discussing Technical and Fundamental Overview of USD/JYP and GBP/USD
  • USD/JPY Will Tracks the Risk of Barometer Go Above 107.00

The USD/JPY will extends and rises at the 107.64 upto the 0.11% on a day according to the Tokyo Session that will ticked down on the Mood On This Monday. The pair will initially go down from 107.51 to 107.45 during the early session in Asia. It will go to the run up attack on Thursday near the top level 107.75.

The US president Donald Trump tweets defies the Surge in the Coronavirus numbers that will affect the world's largest economy.As per the latest data recorded by the figure above the 50,000 into the start of the month.

Moreover the pair will be previously closed at the near 107.40 that will go below the 50 day SMA. It will seem reverse to the path directing towards 108.00.
  • Technical Overview of GBP/USD

The GBP/USD will take the bid and go near the 1.2490 up to the 0.05% during this Monday on Asian Session. The Cable pair will extend the bounce off on this Friday with the bounce off 200 bar SMA. It will reach the head and shoulder pattern formation according to the 4 hour chart.

The neckline of the Pair shows the bullish pattern that will join the Retracement level on 10-29 level that will add strength to the upside barrier. It will increase the conditions with the RSI trading condition that will go to the sustained trading beyond the 200-Bar SMA.

The pair was previously traded at 1.2483. The resistance level for the pair will be 1.2497 and the support level for the pair will be 1.2473.
  • Forex Economic News
Although probably the market may more fluctuate at evening as United States will present the data of ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI. This survey will be based on 400 non-manufacturing (or services) firms' purchasing and supply executives, within 60 sectors across the nation, by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM).

And even a Bank of CANADA(BOC) will present the data on business. The bank will present the survey report of the business which are going on & the business which are stopped or trying to resume.

The latest news came that the American Rapper Kanye West has planned to run for US President election 2020.But till now Kanye West didn't announce officially. So, is the news true or its just a publicity stunt!
  • Daily Upcoming Events!
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  2. EUR Retail Sales y/y
  3. USD ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI
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