What's wrong with HYIP monitors: Trust or verify?

Do you consider info from monitors as reliable?

  • I trust completely

  • I examine data from multiple monitors

  • Everybody Lies (c)

  • I'll think about it tomorrow

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Apr 16, 2018
Let's agree that on our forum you can communicate “in full”.
This means that you can express your opinion clearly, without paying attention to authorities. On the part of the administration, I assure you that no one will punish you for this, all within the framework of our rules.

If you are unlikely to have read our blog, otherwise there would not be so many idiots in the world who recklessly and eagerly invest in whatever they want.

The basic strategy of earning on ICO and HYIP is still considered to be a stupid and straight line:
  1. invest at the start
  2. not to make large deposits
  3. always withdraw
  4. diversify
Profit! :sun:

In this article there will be no financial “striptease," but I am sure that we will reach it sooner or later, because another investment pool will soon be formed under the aegis of the forum. In short, I'm sorry that I prolonged the introduction. The point is that monitoring is the main tool a HYIP investor relies on.

Let's briefly review their algorithms

They are designed to support the pyramids from start to closing. The main parameters that affect the rating are the investment (deposit) from the monitor owner, the lifetime of the HYIP etc., insignificant, like votes and complaints.
Owners of large monitors are often paid on the deposit directly in the HYIP script, and the lifetime should be a factor that lowers the rating, but not the opposite.

You have read about the strategy, haven’t you?

In the same way, payments to monitors are frozen after all investors. There is a HYIP admin strategy, when first large payments are frozen, then medium, then smaller ones, well, at the same time those to monitors.

This means that the status on the monitors may be delayed by a couple of weeks.
Let’s return to the described above investment strategy and carefully study our blog:boss:.


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May 3, 2018
from my own experience, project pays monitors as usual customers.
with first real complaints of non-paying, we usually put 'waiting' or 'problem' status to aware all customers that something goes wrong there.

But monitoring monitors (sorry for tautology), gives you better understanding on current project status
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