What you should invest in to become wealthy in the future. According to the NASDAQ



Jun 26, 2018
Cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoin are about to become a part of the stable economic of the future, this what CEO and president of the Nasdaq stock exchange Adena Friedman thinks. And these aren't any rumors - she has described her opinion in details on her LinkedIn page.

Friedman has posted her comments on crypto industry and other important aspects of future market development in sight of the International Economic Forum in Dallas that has recently started.

What you should invest in to become wealthy in the future. According to the NASDAQ

How the Nasdaq CEO reminds after that bitcoin had become an inseparable part of the world a decade ago, a few thousands other cryptocurrencies were released which are now fighting for the investments. At the same time, she mentioned that as a technology crypto has gone through all the cycles of innovative invention development: from the very first users working on their enthusiasm to the incredible popularity which has brought lots of newcomers to the industry as well as a bit of real world problems.

There are two probable ways how Adena Friedman thinks:

  • Cryptocurrencies will find their real usage and will become integrated into the world economic system
  • The innovative instrument won't be found useful by the majority of people so it will remain priceless and used only by the enthusiasts who've been in the industry since the very beginning

In her opinion, in order to become used in lives of common people and simply be stable in price cryptocurrencies need clear attitude from government and regulators. She also emphasized on that her company has been working hard to help the situation, investing in important crypto companies and planning to run bitcoin futures on the recent years.

In the summer of 2018 Adena said that as a technology cryptocurrencies are on the peak of its ripeness and it can easily become a popular way of payment in the internet.
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