What Will Sport Look Like in 20 Years?



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Jun 15, 2018
Achievements in the scientific and technical fields create new sports equipment, nutrition and even game rules. It is difficult to imagine that the sport, to which we have already become accustomed, will transform in the near future. Most likely, classical team games and disciplines will remain (for example, football or aerobics). But such things do not mean that the future will not make any adjustments. We analyze the opinions of specialists on this issue and try to predict what will be the next generation of sports.

Artificial Organs

Due to the progress of medical and technological areas, implantation surgery has become a widespread practice around the world. Artificial organs will also be used in sports: now sports committees are discussing the equal participation of experienced athletes and people with mechanical limbs. At Paralympics, participants annually argue that the willpower is more important than the physical condition of a person.

It is possible that in the future there will be a complete replacement of the bodies of athletes on the mechanisms of automatic control. Today, many athletes end up with unpredictable injuries and many think: is a relatively short career worth high health risks? Therefore, it is possible that people will be watching a team of robots with artificial intelligence. They will not be distracted by cries of fans, and the human factor will not affect the effectiveness of the game. Perhaps, the athletes will become real cyborgs. In particular, a bioethicist Andy Miam suggested using tissue transplants to improve the connection between the fingers and toes of athletes. This allows for some “modification” of athletes, giving them an advantage over ordinary ones.

New Kinds of Sports

What do you think about virtually-real racing? We mean, such racings that will happen simultaneously both in the real world and in the virtual worlds. Two of the professional riders, Ben Collins and Matt Power, have already experienced the following technology: they ran through cars on various Los Angeles tracks, and then wore VR technology helmets. So they managed to combine the two races into one computer. The track on the screen repeated the physical, although it was supplemented with “bonuses”: for example, falling from the sky with stones or emerging holes.

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