What to Play in Online Casino?



Jun 26, 2018
Gambling industry develops really fast, mostly because modern people want to be distracted from the real life. And the easiest way to do so is online casinos. This industry has been highly evaluated from all the players. And spreading of blockchain based technologies has influenced it a lot. Player used to depend on his bank account to do payments and withdraw his prices, but now player can do all the transactions in bitcoins as well as altcoins. These help to keep your private data really private and get your prizes almost instantly not being scared of watchdogs and government.

Let’s take a look in what you can play in online casinos.

What to Play in Online Casino?

Card Games

Are the same age as the humanity. Before they considered to be immoral, but nowadays people are trying to get rid of stereotypes. Such games have become a way of getting away, relaxing and even boosting up your brain. Hopefully, such helpful instrument of development is able for use in all online casinos.

Poker seems to be the most popular card game, it has gain even bigger popularity after appearing in online casinos. The most famous types are Omaha and Texas Hold’em. At the same time online casinos offer you auto calculation as well as no need in waiting of players’ connection or queues.


Online slots are gambling machines, but on your computer screen. There aren’t any differences, if you want, you can even find an accurate version of your favorite real world slot. They are differed by types and species. For example, there are multiple line slots with bonuses accumulation or linear system. In online casinos they can be combined. By species there are such slots: by film motives, arcades, with main characters and so on.

Board Games

They are really popular among most of the players. Being on the top of their popularity, they started to appear in online casinos. Players usually choose dices, keno, lotto. They are all united in that result doesn’t depend on the player, but on the fully randomness.

Popular Games

Let’s take a closer look at every of them

  1. Poker - gaining more and more popularity. Poker tournaments with big prizes are often held. Rules are pretty simple: you have to collect the best combination of 5 cards. You need to memorize 10 of such combos.
  2. Blackjack - still pretty popular. The winner is who have cards with sum of 21 or the closest to such. Those who like to calculating, remembering cards out of the game, will love blackjack a lot. So, in this card game players have to count possibility of the next cards’ values.
  3. Craps is based on the number 7 and dices. It has pretty hard rules, however it is easy to remember them after playing a while. The winner is that who scored more.
  4. Playing slots - the most addictive. It consists in that you put a coin and press “Start” or “Spin” button. After that, drum starts to spin. Your prize is depends on how the same symbols lies.
  5. Roulette. In this game, you bet on the cell where the ball will stop. These include cell’s color, exact number or combination. The more accurate your choice - the bigger your prize. Roulette can be compared with sport bookies.
  6. Keno. Essentially is a lottery. Player get 80 numbers, from them he has to choose 20. In the end, winning numbers are announced.
  7. Pai Gow poker has similarities with hold’em, with the difference consists in that players are against the casino. Every person gets 7 cards, tries to collect the best combination and compares it with the casino’s one.
  8. Wheel of fortune. You bits at any of 6 symbols, after what the wheel starts to revolve. When it stops, an arrow points on the winning symbol, those who have chosen it are winners.
  9. Baccarat. Every person gets 2 cards, sum of which are summarized like in Blackjack, but unlike in Blackjack 10 is deducted from the final sum. And as usual the winner is that who have the biggest sum
  10. Bingo feels like Keno. Players get 5x5 square, which they have to complete.

The most Profitable Games

Lots of beginners afraid of playing only because they aren’t sure which games are the most profitable. So it’s good to notice which of them can really make you rich. The most spread Blackjack and Baccarat, however, they won’t probably give lots of money.

Roulette is no less popular. In case a player wins, he gets prize in size of 1:35, but in fact the chance of winning is 37/38 what isn’t much. Such games might be found interesting by those who believe in their luck.

Even more online casino players choose poker. The possibility of winning is pretty big, especially if you know rules and have some experience in the real life. Playing in Big Six, the prize can be as big as 40 to 1, if you made your bits accurately.

Principles of Playing in Online Casino

The first thing you have to do is read the rules. It’s a good opportunity for beginners to find out more about games’ mechanisms as well as creating the right strategy. Don’t think that the games are simple, you even need to have some math background to win.

All online casinos requires real money, though, at the very start they offer you to test your skills in demo mode. Gambling attracts all the people who want to feel excitement and adrenaline rush.
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