What to Expect From Hackers in 2019?



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Jun 15, 2018
In 2018, 500 million people became victims of data breaches and these are only those that became known and it is expected that by 2020, cybercrime losses will increase to $ 6 billion. North Korea, Iran, Russia and China remain the main actors in this attack group. The most skilled craftsmen exactly from these states attacked the state apparatuses of other countries, created fake analytical centres, and websites of government agencies.

What to Expect From Hackers in 2019?

What will happen to cyber security in 2019? A flexible and globalized cyber system is evolving as technologies develop — very quickly. What to expect from cybercriminals in 2019?

AI-based Virus Programs

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is a global technological trend that has not bypassed cybercrime. Traditionally, attackers communicate with compromised systems using command and control servers. A computer that sends commands to infected devices and receives information from them. Now the malware, using AI, will be able to independently determine how to behave, remain inconspicuous and use local credentials. This will complicate the process of searching for malicious programs, due to their quick “learnability”, or rather quick adaptation, because it can make decisions on its own, without command and control servers.

But it is worth noting that we will also start using AI to protect against cyber-attacks. Models of work and data processing using machine learning are more resistant to "contamination". Therefore, they are being actively introduced into the cyber defence systems of state machinery.

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