🤑What the f*ck is IEO and why all investors are talking about it



Jun 26, 2018
What is so called Initial Exchange Offering

In the previous year a good alternative to old ICO was founded - IEO or Initial Exchange Offering. The main difference between these two consists in that while ICO is organized fully independently by a team united by an idea, IEO is held on one of the crypto exchange platforms which works half as a guarantee in project's fairness half as an investor, that don't invest his own but look for the best options so other could do this.

🤑What the f*ck is IEO and why all investors are talking about it

ICO projects a lot of people are used to have a big problem: tokens could be listed after long months token sale has ended. In the case of an IEO, exchange platform is used to be a key partner who organizes the sale. This way, project emites his tokens and sends directly to exchange, which then distributes tokens among its users who have taken part in a token sale.

Instead of classical sending tokens directly to investor with the help of smart-contracts, IEO participant has to be registered (and in many cases verified as well), put some money on his account and then buy tokens directly from exchange.

An average arrangement between a company running the IEO and stock exchange contains these information:
  • The maximum quantity of tokens for a single investor
  • Price of a share
  • Hard cap and Soft cap
  • How much a stock exchange will get
  • Which part of tokens are going to be used on advertising and marketing
  • So on…

Why to use “depended” IEO, when we have “independent” ICOs

Industry of Initial Coin Offering had been growing fast for long years, however, since the end of 2018 it was getting only worse. This happened because of the uncertain legal status, giant amount of scam-projects, full lack of guarantees and laws protecting investors.

🤑What the f*ck is IEO and why all investors are talking about it

It seems like the new way of investment involvement will become an important part of development of crypto as an industry.

What is the most attractive an investor can find in IEO

The crypto exchange is responsible for due diligence projects, evaluating different projects profitability as well as their trustworthy, taking big risks. The fact that a platform take such a big risks what can affect its reputation, makes all the investors quite sure in the quality of an investment.

More and more crypto company choose to organise a private token sale instead of holding an ICO opened for everyone. IEOs, on the other hand, are aimed to make crypto investments available for all the people, just like it used to be.

Another great advantage of exchange offering is that it is held on a crypto platform and there can be no “commission wars”. In the old days of ICO projects, a lot of investors were competitors - everybody was keen on how to buy more tokens. And it was real to buy tokens later, but get them earlier. Everything works that way, because in cryptocurrencies (including Ethereum, most of ICOs are build on) transactions with higher fee rates are being processed before the ones, whose creators wanted to save some money on commission.
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