What is IEO and How it Differs From ICO 🏦



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Jun 15, 2018
IEO — Initial Exchange Offering — is the initial exchange offer. Unlike the ICO format, which was popular at that time but compromised itself, the main feature of IEO is that the sale of tokens is strictly linked to a specific stock exchange, which studies the project before listing, determines its reliability and viability and only after that allows investors to purchase digital assets.

Why is IEO Better Than ICO?

An important difference from ICO is that the initial exchange offer has a long-awaited regulation. In one form or another, a contract is concluded with the project managers, where all the main parameters of the transaction are stated - the estimated price of the token, the maximum issue volume, soft cap, hard cap, and the details of the distribution of the investment received.


Watching the cryptocurrency market in the last year, it was hard not to notice that trust in ICO dropped sharply. The reason for this was the huge number of scam projects that flooded the market in 2018. This led to the fact that even potentially successful startups sold their tokens in a closed mode only for large investors.

IEO will make it possible to make the sale of digital assets more democratic, to attract ordinary investors again, providing them with transparent analytics of the project and certain guarantees. It should be noted that the IEO procedure may be temporary, but at this moment is the best way to organize the sale of tokens for a new project. For example, the exchange is interested in listing the largest possible number of high-quality and liquid coins, since each transaction with them brings it a profit in the form of a commission.

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Jun 18, 2019
IEO seems to be "ICO 2.0", the best thing is that if it's held by reputable exchange, it should be much less risky.
Although seems that there are some exchanges that list everyone who pays :rolleyes:
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