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Jun 26, 2018
There lots of different environmental problems these days, and vegans are really keen on solving them. However, they aren’t very united and it might be difficult enough to find people to work for the common purpose. VeganNation’s team is developing a platform that can help you find other people, interested in saving the world, and control the life of their society: look for the best quality products or organize some events. In perspective, VeganNation believes that having a special protocol and the blockchain based coin will help to make all nowadays’ vegans more united and to spread its culture all over the world, they’ve been trying to save for long.

VeganNation - $30 to Nature Lovers

What to do?

To claim some ERC-20 tokens in size of 60 coins, that costs around $30 all you have to do is:
  1. Go to the official VeganNation website
  2. Sign up using your personal info and email
  3. Get your first 10 VCN tokens immediately
  4. Visit the dashboard and go to the “Community” section
  5. For completing some easy social activity tasks, you will get as much as 50 VCN
  6. Additionally, you can get 10 VCN for every person you’ve attracted via the referral program

Why this project is trustworthy

There are several reasons to think so:
  • To begin with, they have a really well-designed concept of their platform and deep idea of helping the planet;
  • Their website, including the bounty section, seems to be professionally enough;
  • On the other hand, a team is such for sure;
  • Whitepaper and other documents are available, there you can find out more about the concept and their plans.
Anyway, it is a great opportunity to claim some free tokens.
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