U.S. Navy Training Requirements Applied to Crypto Trading



Jun 18, 2018
Crypto currency trading is largely similar to hostilities, waging war and/or combat operations — in both cases you will lost a fight or money without a competent strategy and tactics. One of the crypto enthusiasts, who is currently a member of the US Navy, identified a number of army principles that can come in handy to crypto traders.

Learn from your failures

Both soldiers and crypto traders have a hard knock life. Therefore, it is important not to focus on a failure, but to accept it and move on. The same applies to the market — you can earn on both bull and bear markets. Buy on the drops, play on a slide, make money on splashes. There is no reason to stop earning, if the market falls — you just need to act wisely. If you are not sure of your ability to beat this bear, okay, leave the market until it starts to grow. Record profits and rest until the bullish trend becomes apparent.


Watch your back

You should determine a support line you are not willing to drop below. Do not simply buy in at market price. Find a support line and place buys above it or wait for a confirmed break out and buy in. Afterwards, you can strategically place your stop-losses.

Hurry up and wait

In the army, we often have to rush to the destination, then to wait for a long time. There is no need to hurry when you trade, but you should know how to occupy your time effectively while you're waiting. Set orders and an effective stop-loss than let the markets do their thing — for now, go outside and enjoy your hobby.

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

This is a quote from the late Dwight D. Eisenhower that also works for crypto. To succeed, you need to study the crypto market. Before investing, you should determine for what you do it — otherwise it's just gambling. Check the coin market calendar — perhaps, some of them will drive your bags up. Bear in mind, “It is a mistake to look to far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time,” as Winston Churchill said. Yes, a long-term plans and goals are needed, but don’t gnash your teeth over this every day.

“We will either find a way or we will make one.” —  Hannibal
Have you decided that you are a bad trader? Don't worry, the same can be said about the rest. Yes, many traders are not successful, and this is a normal situation.If you aren’t a great day trader, then try a swing trade. Also not your style? Just invest and buy on the falls. Learn how to set up a masternode, start mining, or find another method of obtaining passive income. And collect crypto!

“The only easy day was yesterday.” — US Navy SEALs

We do not know what awaits us tomorrow. Therefore, earn while you can, and do not be greedy. Do not listen to the inner voice, which always says: "What if the price will continue to grow?" While the position is open, the profit are not yours. You also never know when $BTC may dive or skyrocket effecting your trades. What if a black swan strikes?

So, you have learn little bit more about how the army experience helps in crypto trading. Try to keep a clear head, plan and explore the market to the best of your abilities. The plan and information are the most important coworkers in the war and in trading.
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