TV Series Starring Bitcoin: From "The Simpsons" to "StartUp"



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Jun 18, 2018
Have you watched all TV shows and don’t know what to view this weekend? We have chosen Top 7 cryptocurrency-themed TV series. Of course, most of these “guest roles” have not shed any positive light on cryptocurrency in the slightest, which is not a big surprise.

If we talk about crypto-themed TV shows, the first thing that comes to mind is series 'StartUp,' starring Martin Freeman and Adam Brody on opposite sides of the law. This is the first series where the crypto currency — GenCoin, the fictional digital currency used in the show — is not just mentioned, but is at the core of the plot.

Brian Stoeckert, of Stratis Advisory and a risk management and money laundering expert, was appointed as a consultant for the series in an effort to inject the narrative with accuracy. He explained to CNBC in a recent interview that the idea of a cryptocurrency is still relatively unknown to the broader public.

"People have heard about digital currency, but they really don't understand how it operates. They just see it on the headlines," Stoeckert told CNBC. "This is one way they can follow a story line and get a unique perspective on it," he added.

"The Good Wife"

The very first mention of crypto currency in non-documentary films, dates back to 2012. In the episode of the CBS series titled "The Good Wife," the main character defends a lawyer who, under threat of arrest, does not disclose his client's name, who is the inventor of cryptocurrency. So the heroine has learned how does Bitcoin work ex officio.

"The Simpsons"

Of course, "The Simpsons" was not spared by cryptocurrency theme. In a 2013 episode, Krusty confessed that he went bankrupt because he had “bad luck at the ponies, worse luck in the bitcoin markets.”

"Almost Human"

Shortly afterwards, bitcoins have "played cameo" in the series "Almost Human" — albeit in the form of a hardware wallet (with the fact that the action takes place in 2048).

"Black List"

In the series "The Black List" the script writers wisely chose not to reinvent neither wheel nor a cryptocurrency — they just showed how Ripple works.

"Mr. Robot"

The series "Mr. Robot" also could not pass the cryptocurrency theme. One of the heroes, the CEO of E Corp states, says about Bitcoin: "I am not the problem here. The problem here is hard cash is fading, rapidly. That's just the way of the world right now and Bitcoin is spreading, and if Bitcoin takes over we are all in a world of hell."

"The Big Bang Theory"

In November, 2017, the creators of the series "The Big Bang Theory" released the episode "The Bitcoin Entanglement." The episode, which is entirely devoted to finding a laptop that Sheldon and his friends purchased seven years earlier and where they allegedly stored bitcoins.

As a result, they find out that the coins were loaded onto a long-lost USB, so the bitcoins are lost as well. Of course, Sheldon is smart guy, but he is under a misapprehension in this case — the blockchain saved Sheldon's money, and will save yours.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been in such TV series as "The Blind Zone," "I'm Zombie," "Person Of Interest," "House Of Cards," "Parks and Recreation," "Silicon Valley," "Family Guy," "NCIS." Cryptocurrencies had established for a long time in our lives, and the film industry could not leave it without attention.
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