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Oct 1, 2019
23 - Monitoring in which people Trust!

There are a lot of monitoring in the world. Their task rests on providing opportunities. Opportunities for the Investor or Leader to increase funds. But the more projects, the greater the chance of losing investment. And Trustmonitoring was created specifically to protect your funds. See for yourself!
Trustmonitoring. Trusted Monitoring
began precisely with the search and work with proven investment projects. But who checks the projects? The people themselves. After all, it is people who invest, promote and earn on the Trustmonitoring site.
Add projects
Everyone can add an investment project to Trustmonitoring. You fill out the form yourself, send it to the administration. As a result, your project is displayed in the list.
Nevertheless, you can raise the project yourself. Being displayed on the first page of the site, your project is guaranteed to attract people. In other words, this will create a for you .
On monitoring, everyone can place a project with their own referral link. For example, you go to monitoring and see that your project is posted. Moreover, it is posted with someone else's referral link. What to do in this case? It's quite simple, you can pick it up by inserting your own link. Linking is an auction. Who offered the link more expensive is the one above.
Deposit insurance
On the Trustmonitoring site, TOP 10 projects are presented. Each of them has its own deposit insurance system. And her rules are very simple:
  1. For example, a project offers an insured amount of $ 1,000;
  2. You invest at least $ 100, and get full insurance for this amount. Regardless of the fate of the project, you will in any case receive a contribution body;
  3. Attention! The amount of the insurance fund is limited. This means that only the first 50 investors will receive insurance;
  4. Also, the amount of the insurance fund depends directly on the generosity of the project administration.
Agree, with such protection, investing and making money at times is more convenient! What are you waiting for? Go in your stable income!
User protection
This offer is specifically for Managers and Leaders. It is for those people who come to projects with their team.
Firstly, when entering a project from the TOP 10 list, you get comprehensive protection from Trustmonitoring. Secondly, for any unfair treatment with you or a member of your team, the Monitoring Administration will take all necessary measures to restore justice.
Thirdly, working through our affiliate link, you can send us questions about technical difficulties in the project. And Trustmonitoring will already send a request to the project administration.
Earning without investments on Trustmonitoring
So, we have come to the conclusion that at the monitoring site everyone can earn money without investments. This is facilitated by a flexible system of advertising links and assignments. First of all, it focuses on both the advertiser and the task performer.
Advertiser Opportunities
What to do if you already have a fresh project and a modest advertising budget? First of all, place your affiliate link on the monitoring site! After that, the target audience will go to you.
Build your advertising company, provide your resource with constant, live traffic. Based on the amount of traffic you can achieve resource growth!
Being an advertiser, you can flexibly, simply and jewelryly set up and debug an advertising campaign for your .
User Features
Looking for earnings without investments? Yes, you have already found it! As a result, you have the opportunity to instantly calculate and to accumulate a substantial amount! Indeed, only at Trustmonitoring you can:
  • View sponsored links, earning cents for views;
  • View content, receiving free rewards in the project currency. And once a month you get a substantial amount, as a monetary reward!
  • Performing tasks: comments on forums, reviews, publishing videos, audio, articles on your resources about Trustmonitoring - you get well-deserved rewards!
Also, on the site you can collect rewards that bring you passive income every day!
Work with projects on Trustmonitoring
In addition to adding investment projects, you can purchase a finished project for personal use. And if you do not want to, then sell the existing one. Plus, being the owner of the project, you can organize an advertising campaign for him. As a result, you will increase its profitability at times!
Buy project
In the corresponding section you can buy a finished project. At the same time, you can buy a project with copyright, or just the technology itself.
In the first case, you will learn the relevant documents on the transfer of rights to the project. Also, with any purchase of the project, you get full support. The scope of support includes:
  • Transfer of the finished and working draft;
  • Raising the project on your servers, setting up, bringing the project to working condition;
  • Consultations on the features of both the code and the functions of the project.
As a result, you buy a project that makes a profit from the start!
Sell a project
For project owners, it is possible to sell it through the Trust site. You turn to a realtor when you buy a car or apartment. So here the Trust takes on the role of a realtor. The monitoring administration conducts an advertising campaign and finds a buyer for you.
Everyone can buy / sell projects. Earn Intellectual Property Today!
Stop dreaming about Silicon Valley venture capital investments. Become an entrepreneur today! Profit is waiting for you! First of all, you need to start. And all possibilities are open for you.
Advertising projects on Trustmonitoring
In addition to buying and selling projects, you can order an advertising campaign for your brainchild. Or, you can work with a referral link of an interesting project. Trustmonitoring will make a full-fledged advertising campaign, which in turn will pay off your contribution to the project. A contribution to advertising will bring more profit from above!
Nevertheless, you have your own project, and Trustmonitoring will organize its promotion. This is a number of areas, among which:
  1. Address mailing on user bases;
  2. Placement of the project in the forums;
  3. Organization of promotion through content debugging and organization of a SEO promotion strategy;
  4. Placement of paid advertising on large social resources.
By purchasing a project on Trustmonitoring, you get an automatic discount on an advertising campaign. This means that you save money on an advertising campaign. In addition, you can manually debug ads, advertise affiliate links and earn money without investments!
All this is already available, and is just a click away. Your financial and personal freedom. Together with Trustmonitoring.
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Oct 1, 2019
With you on the same thought Trustmonitoring
There are many investment opportunities on the Internet. You can use each of them, but only projects from the list below can reliably pay and increase your income:

V7HELP – you only pay 10%!

1. The life of the project: 31 days
2. Yield per month: 15-27%
3. Yield per day: 0.5-1%
4. Deposit Terms: 6 months
5. Return of the Deposit body: Yes
6. Referral program: 10%
7. Warranty: Yes
8. Our investment: 1000$
9. Insurance: us$5,000
10. Link to the project:

Avitex and gambling earnings

1. The life of the project: 8 days
2. Yield per month: up to 45%
3. Yield per day: 1.5%
4. Deposit Terms: unlimited
5. Return of the Deposit body: no
6. Referral program: 5%
7. Warranty: no
8. Our contribution: no
9. Insurance: no

Ferma-Pays is an exciting economic game with the ability to earn real money.

1. The life of the project: 8 days
2. Yield per month: up to 36%
3. Yield per day: up to 1.2%
4. term of deposits: unlimited
5. Return of the Deposit body: no
6. Referral program: 7-3%
7. Warranty: Yes
8. Our investment: 200$
9. Insurance: 500$
10. Link to the project:

Reliable investors know that the main rule is risk distribution. Investing on the Trustmonitoring platform in the Trust-Project tariff, in addition to the return of 30% per month and the profit from the super-profitability of the project,
You will be invited to a chat that offers fresh and ultra-reliable projects in which you are guaranteed to make a profit. Profit that will be protected by a Venture agreement, a real product, and insurance of Your contribution.
And all this for just $ 100. Taxation is limited.

Trustmonitoring-trusted Investments!

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