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Trezor Model T, just few words



Staff member
May 3, 2018
Trezor Model T short story.

Hey guys. How are you?

Autumn comes, sunny days are rare, yesterday’s heat sounds like something very desirable, something very far… far away)

But recently I got nice gift from my friend, very useful gift. I’m talking about Trezor Model T. I made some pics and will share my opinion on the device and its work. That’s just personal review, you can find much more detailed and marketing-oriented reviews, but I just want to share smth… personal maybe)

So, Trezor Model T is hardware cryptowallet. I already had Model One, and used it for a year, as a long-time storage device, and almost never used, just for keeping incoming profits safe there. This one is a bit different from first version. What’s new:
— Touch Screen
— Color Display
— They declare support of many new coins and smart-contracts. (Didn’t check it yet, because I use only BTC now. Maybe when we have more ICOs, and some profit in other cryptocurrency would arrive)

I don’t want to talk a lot about tech details, you can find plenty of that info over the web, I just want to show how it’s working.

What’s in a box? :ok:

Unpack, check that outer stickers are OK, plastic pack is not damaged. Open box, take out Trezor, check hologram stripe is virgin) That’s really important. If you see any scratches or smth like that — better not use this device. You will forget about that small problem, send tons of crypto money there, and then discover you have zero some day. Security first.

Connect to laptop, go to the website, update firmware. I had to re-connect item twice, instruction asked me to do that only once, but in the end everything was OK.

Working with this screen is not such comfortable process like on modern smartphone, but it works OK. No swipes, no multi-gestures, zooming)

Always put helmet on!

Trexor wallet

Write down seed words, do that carefully. When I was doing that, I suddenly discovered that both my secret seeds from Trezor Model One are in the box with device. Being surprised with my imprudence, I gave my word to fix that same day, now both papers are in different places, safe and sound.

Creat PIN, I’ve created 8-digits and that worked fine. Please, do not use date of birth or phone numbers. Please, please)

Website access is OK, I found some more currencies that I can work with.

Didn’t test it yet, but I’m sure it works fine.


Thinking about this review, I thouhgt it would be cool to put affiliate link for Trezor shop here, I even filled Affiliate application, but still got no response)
If they give me referral link, I’ll put it here, so you can put another type of 'Like' as a contribution to my time, if you want to buy this device.

That’s all for now. All our projects are paying, stable and good-standing.

I wish everybody great weekend, strong health and wake up tomorrow a bit more rich than today) :dance:

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