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Jun 26, 2018
How to become a part of cryptoworld now
If you're on this website right now, that probably mean that you're highly interested in cryptocurrencies. That way you should that after bitcoin grow in 2017 it became more hard to invest in coins and ICOs, because of a big amount of professionals and just lots of people in this field.

Before that time a few dozens of bucks was enough to buy something. Now the minimal sum of investition, which will give benefits, is hundreds of bucks. But, what is more, technologies got bigger too and have money is not enough, you also need to have some economical based and good knowledge in IT industry, algorithms and more.

Let's say that you already know all about technologies and you even have some money with you. But you still don't have any skills in trading. Sounds familiar?
You can't say for sure which investment will be good and which one is just a scam.

But there is a way to take the best of two worlds: invest your money with the help of professional traders and earn priceless experience all in one place. And this is what Tradelize ICO give you.


The easiest way to buy crypto
Tradelize blockchain based platform is the whole ecosystem with one interesting feature. Here you can see what top traders do and automatically do the same things with your money.
Here is an example: on Tradelize web portal you learn portfolios of different traders. Here you can there rating, what they do and what they predict about future ICOs and events. Then you choose which one you like most and that's all. You will do whatever he does.
The next cool thing about that is Tradelize app, where you can make basic control of your account and investition.

How traders can make their profit even bigger
This platform also gives a giant leap for investors with their Tradelize Terminal.
This is the technology, which can help you to get direct market access (DMA).
Another interesting ability of this is organiser. Now you will keep all the data you need during your work at one screen. Everything from stocks and listings to messages and bills.

The best for traders is that the top of them on the tradelize list will get 80% of all resources founded during the ICO. And all of that money will invested to help the beginners of trading.

To see more information check out this: Tradelize Helps Newcomers in the Cryptoworld
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