Top-level Domain Zone as Idea for ICO

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Apr 16, 2018
In early 2012, the non-profit organization ICANN came up with a genius commercial move — started accepting applications for generic top-level domains — gTLDs.

Since then, there have been registered more than 1,000 gTLDs, and 22 million ngTLDs domains, which is more than 6% of the number of "traditional" domains and this percentage is increasing with each passing year.
Total ngTLDs

Domain Name Industry Brief (DNIB) - Verisign
new gTLD Statistics by Top-Level Domains

I believe that despite cryptocurrency dropping, the top domain names such as


will become a trophy in serious battles.:boss:
  • Moreover, even the banks want to fight for the most coveted, in my opinion, domain — .coin.
  • Last year, subsidiary of a well-known bank even registered trademarks for “.coin.”
  • According to other sources, the minimum lot value on this auction starts at $ 20K, which is quite expected.
New 'gift giving’ and redistribution of areas of influence are expected around in 2020

Since the ICANN's rules assumes the distribution of applications in the form of auctions, the struggle for crypto domains will be expensive and ‘bloody'.

I believe that until that time there will be an up-and-comer who will start and ICO and run a real crowd project.

I do not know what will happen in 2020, maybe the Earth will crash into its axis, but currently crypto-domains are very costly.

Just a few days ago, was sold for $ 27K, — for $15K, etc., — that is, the demand for the crypto-domains is very stable and strong.

And what if top domains (like bit.coin) in the second level zone will be promised to large buyers of coins?
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