Top asic miners in year 2018



Jun 26, 2018
Today i’d like to tell you, which miners will be the best option for you to invest, in my personal opinion. But first of all let’s start right at the beginning: what the mining is.

Mining is process of extraction of useful resources - in normal world of course.

But in cryptoworld mining is, to simplify, just solving a hard mathematical problem. That way, you can even mine with the help of the old pen and notebook. But fairly it will take about 10 days full of work for you to mine one block of the bitcoin and a bit less for other coins.

So here’s my top:
Number 7
Pangolinminer M3
PangolinMiner M3
Today’s price on this miner is very low as well as it’s recoupment, which is only about half of the year now due to the Bitcoin’s price. How you can see it’s one of the most interesting asic miner today, but there are a few aspects. First of all it need too much power and it heats up way to much. So it’ll good choice for you, only if you got access to cheap electricity and a place that cools well.

Number 6
NVidia P104-100
NVidia P104-100
Despite the that asic miners are very perspective, let’s talk a bit about mining on video cards, which we’re use to so much. One of the best options for mining will probably be NVidia1 P104-100. To start with, it was specially designed for mining. Also you can see a wide range of companies that make cards based on that chip, these are
  • Asus
  • Gigabyte
  • MSI
  • Palit
  • NVidia itself
There are also variations of this card with 4 and 8 Gb on board.
How i said before, they’re specially designed for miners. They have additional gasket layer, what gives them better wear resistance. But the coolest tging about them is that they can easily be united into the rig.
They also heat up less and has such characteristics: 40MH/s and 520 sol.
That way they pay off during a few months.

Place 5
AvalonMiner 761
AvalonMiner 761

Probably the only company that can directly compete the Antminer is AvalonMiner.
The new seventh generation of these asics give us impressive new features. For example, the same amount of bitcoins you can mine on them during a day as on Antminer device. Nothing but the bust details is used here during the assembly, so quality, reliability and durability here isn’t worser or at least almost the same as in asics miners.
It’s also energy-efficient and doesn’t heat up to much.
But you might have a question now: “The AntMiner is powerful brand that gives you confidence in that you get the best miners. So why should I get asic, which is the same, but from less famous company?”. The answer is simple - price. Despite the characteristics is so similar, the price can be way to less.
But, to say, there aren’t so many information, software, advises, community and other things about miners from Avalon, as there are about Antminers.

Place 4
AvalonMiner 821
AvalonMiner 821

Very uncommon asic miner, because it is bought immediately when it appears on sale. Even better compared with the model above.
So if you that one available, buy it! You won’t lose nothing and you’ll have a big profit.

Place 3
WhatsMiner M3
WhatsMiner M3
Other alternative for Antminer can be WharsMiner. I bet you have never heard about this company. But it's asics is not worse than Antminer S9 and its not less popular that Avalon 821.And it has one feature that no one else can offer you. It has long term warranty, which is 180 days long. However, it’s not a lot for ordinary technique, its almost all time that a miner works actively.
So it is a great opportunity, if you're looking for a miner, which you can trust.

Place 2
Baikal X10 and Baikal Giant-B
Designed and produced in Russia, asic miners from “Bailkal” series can become a beneficial investment almost in all cases. At first, it doesn’t need a lot of electricity to work. The second, it doesn’t heat up much, because of the fact I said before. The last and the most impressive feature is regular updates.If X10 model has support only 3 algorithms, when it was released, now the number of them is 7. Similarly, Giant-B supports now 5 algorithms, but in nearest time it’ll support much more.
Consequently, you’re able to mine a huge amount of coins on this asics. And your profit with use of them will be from 30 to 50 dollars per day.
So it’s recoupment is only a few months.

Place 1
Antminer S9 and Antminer S7
Antminer S9
Well known company, which history began in 2013 and since that time almost all miners from them have good reputation, so if you choose to buy one you can be absolutely sure in their quality, reliability and durability. Another big benefit among other asic miners is high energy and heat-efficient.
But there also lots of problems associated with them. First of all, it is hard enough to find the S9 model and it’s much harder to find S7 model, even the one used before. The second, due to the price of these miners, the recoupment time will also be bigger, but nothing but the best components will give an opportunity to make good money.
If you’re now wondering which model should you prefer to buy, then you just have to know that, although S7 has only a third of the hash power that S9 can give, the price is also different the same way.
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