Top 6 Signs You're Addicted to Crypto Investing



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Jun 18, 2018
In May 2018, Scotland-based Castle Craig Hospital, which runs rehabilitation courses for people with drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, launched a treatment programme for crypto trading addiction. Is this an urgent need or just an attempt to make money on a trend ? Is there such a disease as crypto mania, and what are its symptoms?

Currently, there is no accurate estimate of the number of people who invested in digital currencies. However, according to experts, dependence on crypto-currencies can affect hundreds of millions of people around the world. The high risk inherent to the industry provides the same adrenaline rush as gambling.

Doctors at Castle Craig Hospital sure that crypto mania not only exists, but also requires treatment. They have developed an appropriate program based on gambling addiction treatment methods.

Top 6 Signs You're Addicted to Crypto Investing

Therapist Chris Berne says: "High risk, constant ups and downs of the market attract gambling people." Many people show interest to the new technology, but how to distinguish healthy curiosity from addiction?

The main Signs of Crypto Trading Addiction

Since the world of ICO, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies has appeared not long ago, it is difficult to single out specific features of this area.

Since the world of ICO, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies has appeared not long ago, it is difficult to single out specific features of this area.

However, one thing is clear: in general crypto addicts repeat the behavior of alcoholics, drug addicts and gamblers. If the "easy" hobby begins to control your life, pay attention to the following signs of danger:

You can not Stop to Trade

Although this feature is much easier to notice in the case of alcohol and drug addiction, reluctance to stop trading is one of the most obvious signs of the problem. The rational part of the brain tells you that it's time to stop, however you continue to update the page with cryptocurrency prices. A typical sign of dependence is the purchase of crypto assets for all available money (including margin trading).

Your Social Life Suffers

Waiting for an "important" pre-sale or airdrop can hardly be called a valid reason for not visiting a party with friends or missing a weekly family meeting. If you can not tear yourself away from the screen by looking at the crypto currency rates, then you are a crypto addict.

You get the Shakes when You're not Trading

Unlike alcohol and drugs, crypto-currency trading does not cause physiological, but psychological addiction. A person experiences excitement, nervous tension, fear of missing an opportunity. If you can not spend a couple of hours away from the monitor, it's time to think about the treatment.

You Hide Your Hobby from Others

Concealing your acts is another sign of addiction. You hid away bottles of whisky, try to removes tobacco smoke by an air freshener. The problem is obvious if you wake up in the middle of the night for checking your investment portfolio.

You Run More Risks than Usual

The more the addiction, the more the risk a person goes in pursuit of adrenaline. Alcoholics and drug addicts are good example of of this. Crypto trading addicts behave the same way. They begin to work with a financial leverage, open joint account positions without the knowledge of the partner and constantly increase the rates. A study conducted in 2016 showed that the brain of an addicted person is different from the healthy person’s brain. Gamblers often take unjustified risk telling themselves that the situation is under control.

You're in Denial of Your Addiction

A person who keeps telling others that he can stop at any time, most likely already is an addict.

Crypto addiction may seem just like a bad joke, and is not a problem for most crypto enthusiasts. But if you find yourself in any of the situations listed above or begin to adjust your life to the crypto market, you should stop and think about it - it's probably time to ask for help.
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