Top 5 the Most Absurd Blockchain use Examples



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Jun 18, 2018
The implementation of blockchain technologies allows companies to simplify and speeding up the work, as well as to reduce costs. Today, there are more than 1500 different crypto currencies in the world, and it becomes more difficult to find an industry not 'familiar' with the blockchain. Indeed, over the past year we have seen many cases when ambitious entrepreneurs try to integrate the blockchain into everything that can be possible — from board games and transformation of chemical elements into gold to adult sites and "buying" celebrities in the game CryptoCelebrities. We asked blockchain insiders, who visited the TNW conference in Amsterdam, to recall the most ridiculous cases of using distributed registry technology. Here are the most striking examples.

Ice Tea

"The funniest incident over the past five years, related to the blockade, occurred with Long Island Ice Tea, a soft drinks manufacturer & seller. The company has unexpectedly decided to change their name to Long Blockchain.

Top 5 the Most Absurd Blockchain use Examples

And just like that its stock price jumped 289 percent overnight. They did not even try to implement the technology — they just announced that they were interested in it. But this case perfectly demonstrates the blockchain fever that has engulfed the world: the simple addition of the word "blockchain" in the name can lead to a triple of the company's shares "

Alejandro De La Torre, VP Business Operations at

Your Banking History

"There was a bank — I will not mention any names — that decided to put all the public data in the blockchain to use them from different applications. In essence, this means that the entire banking history will be uploaded to the blockchain and open to anyone who wishes. In my opinion, this is a rather outrageous case.”

Ivo Jonkers, blockchain consultant

FUCK Token

"The funniest thing that comes to my mind is the FUCK tokens. In fact, the project is a community that supports a users in his/her personal life. The main idea is that, nowadays, people do not notice others' troubles.

Top 5 the Most Absurd Blockchain use Examples

To show your friends that you care about them and empathize with them, you send them a couple of FUCK tokens. It's very cool, actually, as thousands of FUCKs are given every minute”

Masha Beetroot, Head of Communications at KICKICO

Job Search

"There are many platforms that help to find the ideal job. But here is the problem: these are not free and their services are paid by crypto currency. The idea is that you have to pay to see vacancies, profiles of applicants or post your resume."

Guillame Berche,

Blockchain Tree

"I know a company that is developing a technology that allows you to plant a tree and put a wallet on it, with a small micro-controller.

Top 5 the Most Absurd Blockchain use Examples

As a result, the tree will be connected to the blockchain and thanks to the micro-controller it will be able to detect when people pass by and basically charge them cryptocurrency for the oxygen it has produced and they have consumed. This is one of the craziest ideas I've heard about, but the most important thing is that it is possible to embody it. In a sense, I'm impressed with this concept."

Emilian Enev, Recheck
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