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Top 5 Most Ridiculous ICO-campaigns



Jun 18, 2018
For a short time of blockchain techs existence, the cryptocurrency community, including experts, new entrepreneurs and, of course, investors, has witnessed many different ICOs. Some may be compared with Apple presentations, others caused a real shock. This post will discuss the most absurd, ridiculous and strange ICO-projects.


This currency is intended "to support President Trump and his mission to make America great again." TrumpCoin Ambassadors should write weekly texts on Facebook to get new coins



It is a psychological thriller, the shooting of which is financed by cryptocurrency. Why not? ICO organizers planned to attract at least $ 1.4 million. According to them, the campaign reached this goal two weeks after release.



The initial placement of Bananacoin cryptocurrency was completed on February 28. The company managed to issue more than 3.5 million tokens worth $ 0.5. The project offered investors to invest in the cultivation of the "organic and useful sort of Lady Finger bananas on a plantation in Laos", and then the fruit should have been sold to China. However, one of the investors who bought Bananacoin tokens accused the ICO organizers of embezzlement.



Who would not like to see Vitalik Buterin in a good shape? Well, frankly speaking, such an idea has hardly come to your mind. But some take it seriously. The organizers promise to develop for Buterin an individual training program on Kirill Tereshin’s system, following which Vitalik will be able to pose for magazines covers. The level of Vitalik's training will depend on the amount of funds raised.


PonziCoin, which was conceived as a joke, attracted more than 25 thousand dollars in just eight hours. It’s amazing as right on the main page of the project the developer informed that PonziCoin is a pyramid.
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