Top 10 Rules for ICO Investing



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Jun 17, 2018
During the first half of 2018, 394 ICOs have been completed. According to CoinDesk, they raised $ 13.6 billion. For comparison: Over the past year only 343 projects have conducted ICOs, which raised 5.5 billion dollars. The trend is obvious — the ICO market is growing. If you want to take part in ICO-fever, you should get excellent preparation so that you don’t lose money. So, what must be done and what must be avoided before and during ICO investing?

What Must be Done

Choose ICO with a powerful concept or idea. In order to succeed, the ICO team will have to create a product or service. Therefore, make sure that the organizers of ICO have a clear idea of what they are going to create or already have a prototype of the product.

Make sure the ICO is transparent — honesty and openness are very important.

Top 10 Rules for ICO Investing

Learn the experience and track record of the ICO founder — it's an experience that he draws upon in the current project.

Check the legal status of the company. A start-up must be registered in accordance with the laws of the country in which the ICO is conducted. Compliance with the rules ensures investors safety.

Learn all the information about the ICO team — a lot depends on the professionalism of these people. Developers should be competent programmers, and consultants must have an experience of successful completion of ICO projects.

Learn an ICO documentation and White Paper — the documents must be clear and comprehensive, with clear targets and time frames for each stage of development.

Top 10 Rules for ICO Investing

Study the sites with ICO ratings — there are many useful information for investors, including experts' reviews, as well as legal information regarding the ICO.

Learn how an ICO token works. A reliable token is used not only within the system, but also for payment processing or depositing, it also can be exchanged for any other crypto currency.

What Must be Avoided

Never invest in ICO that doesn't provide complete info about its product or service. If you see only vague words without specifying tasks and project plan, most likely you are dealing with scammers.

Don’t trust your money to ICOs which promise high yield in the short term. It is not possible to predict early success of the project. It can only be guaranteed by the tightly-knit team, its ability to achieve the development plan and detailed documentation.

We would like to point out once again that, although investing in ICOs can be risky, risks can be reduced by making sure that the company you select is strong enough to compete in the market and that it meets all the requirements mentioned above.
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