The Latest Research on Crypto Market. Is it Worth to Invest?📊



Jun 26, 2018
The research lab of Binance has created the latest report on industry development. It shows that deep correlation of Bitcoin price and most of altcoins might be passed and so called bottom has been faced.

Research has also shown the nature of crypto market and how it is connected to mob mentality, that has affected the industry a lot during the recent bull and bear phases.

Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has increased by 40%, while 75% of this increasing took place in April. However, before bitcoin started to go up, a lot of altcoins have demonstrated good results, what is now named “altseason”.

The main aspect that has been researched is level of correlation between different cryptocurrencies. It is said that during bear trend that was dominating on the market in 2018 correlation has increased in times.

Talking about gregariousness (a fancy word for mob mentality), researchers suggested that irrasional actions and fact that crypto market is at the very beginning of its development, correlation between cryptocurrencies will be getting more.

The latest research on crypto market. Is it worth to invest?

Another aspect of a research was relationship between popular altcoins prices in USD and price behaviour of Bitcoin. Used data from February 2014 to March 2019, researchers concluded that period of high altcoins correlation (0,8 up to 1) are correspond to appreciation trend of Bitcoin.

The latest research on crypto market. Is it worth to invest?

According to the results of the research it wouldn't be a right idea to talk about that there are such relations in an industry due to the age of the industry.
During the research, they were also investigating differences and similarities between crypto industry and classical investments, found out that on Chinese market there is way higher activity than in other parts of the world - it happens that way because of quantity of investors in medium class as well as companies.

The latest research on crypto market. Is it worth to invest?

In the year 2017, 99.8% of accounts belonged to Chinese investors, they also used to own more than 40% of bitcoin capital and create 80% of all transactions.

In general, unprofessional investors could either be very opinionated or have very pessimistic views reactions to market trends. These make a huge impact on market development, bigger quantity of transactions and higher volatility.
The latest research on crypto market. Is it worth to invest?

Binance researchers also found out that investors on crypto market are more likely to “hodl” their coins only during bear trends, but they become extremely active when market is going up.

This way, crypto market differs from classical ones in irrational behaviour of people who invest in it. This can often lead to development of bubbles or very bad situation on the market, what can also be seen on correlation graphs.

The latest research on crypto market. Is it worth to invest?

This is what happen in 2018, when all the market investors were pessimistic, on the other hand, the same thing can happen in the nearest time, but with over optimistic views.
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Dec 1, 2018
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