The Best Payment Option for Investing in HYIPs



Jun 26, 2018
Starting their investment career all the beginners are wondering which payment system they should use, what is more, lots of experienced investors make a big mistake using only one wallet for all investments, however, it is very important to use different payment options for different programs.

Today's most popular way of sending money on the internet is Perfect Money, which is also considered to be the ultimate solution for those who work in HYIP industry, simply because all the project, except for the pure cryptocurrency aimed ones, accept Perfect Money.

That's way majority of people use only this payment system, while they should diversificate all the funds. Everyone understands importance of diversification in HYIP project - it's a fairly bad idea to invest in only one project, because when it closes you'll lose all your money. But not many of them are thinking of possible online wallet shutdown, in fact it sounds like something unreal, but a few such accidents have taken place.

Recently, there used to be two main payment options in Hyip industry: PM we all are so sure in and Liberty Reserve. This system had been working for more than 4 years, giving people an opportunity to invest in projects secure. But one day it just stopped working, despite the official version of money laundering and most popular of a whole payment system being scammed, people have lost all the money they had on their wallet. And no one has even thought of returning them back.

This old situation shows how it is important to keep and invest the money you have in different places in order to keep them safe.

Perfect Money - the most trustworthy

The Best Payment Option for Investing in HYIPs

After scam or whatever it was of Liberty, PM has been the most spread and widely used payment option. Being supported by almost the projects that are out there, this wallet seems to be an ultimate solution. However, you shouldn't keep all the money there but keeping the biggest part of them is you can be absolutely sure in that they are safe.


The second most popular wallet, that used to be an exchanger at the very beginning, but became a full payment system. Due to the origin of the system it offers great opportunities of exchanging money, i.e. sending money to other payment system, withdrawing them on a bank card, or even get cash from any ATM machine using special plastic card emitted by the Payeer.


The youngest and the most ambitious payment system among all that are used in hyip industry. And lots of users will really find out that it is the exact system they'd been looking for. Using this payment options you will have great amount of ways of withdrawing and replenishing your account.

The Best Payment Option for Investing in HYIPs

Just like Payeer it offers you to order a plastic debit card, unlike payeer it goes for half the price.

What is more, you can be sure in safety of your funds due to the fact company is literally keen on their users security: free sms authorization, two-step verification, special password used for payments, a token and a variety of other safety options that will suit anyone's preferences.

The biggest advantage that makes adv cash an ultimate solution for the majority of HYIP investors is lack of commissions for all users.


Very perspective and very powerful. Even now it is accepted by lots of hyip projects and widely used. However, there are lots of problems crypto industry has been facing and which make bitcoin now as suitable for an average user as any other payment system is.
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