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Funky monkey

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Oct 30, 2018
Hi guys, my name is sean sullivan and I started investing in crypto 3 months ago, while I enjoy it, have been conned few times by scams, wanted to start tread on scam sites so that we could help other people getting conned, my first review comes from an online site promoting itself on telegram, it’s a verified site as well, which is scary,
Hi I joined nelvix about month ago, seamed ok at first, but after having to remind them to pay me commission 3 days in a row, they then tried to say my account had been locked because it had been hacked, on checking my security it seamed that it had only effected them, was then told to contact one of there admin on telegram, who then rang me to say if I paid $2000 I would get access to my $262 investment, I refused then reported him to nelvix admin who said I must have heard him wrong, while my account was unlocked, when I withdrew my commission it failed to materialise in my wallet, upon checking the blockchain, it came from empty wallet, sent support tickets to nelvix 6 times in week contacted admins, and nothing, please be aware this is a scam site, do not invest, 😡😡☹
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