Strategies for Playing in Slots



Jun 26, 2018
Everyone has his own opinion about playing in casinos, someone thinks of it as a good way of relaxing, while someone considered it to be the way of earning. Despite what you think, you have to always remember that it’s unreal to be the permanent winner. On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to find a casino where you will be a permanent loser. It would be better to maintain a balance between these two extremes, to do so you can, for example play in blockchain based facilities. In such case, you can do both, keep you and your finances safe and make yourself sure in quality of the casino. What is more, transactions in bitcoin as well as in any other cryptocurrency are anonymous, what can help you to get big prizes more safely.

Strategies for Playing in Slots

In general, it is absolutely real to score big in a casino. To do so, you should use a strategy. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Up the Steps

Any beginner can use this strategy. The minimum requirement is to do small bets. Define a sum you would never bet above which. Even if you lose the first time, don’t change the bet’s sum. After what you half your size in case of losing and double it when you win.

As a result you will win sometime and get a big prize. The main advantage of such strategy is to play big after winning. For example, with a bet in size of $1, you get $2 or more, the next you bet will be as big as your win or simply $2.

Starting Spin

The strategy is consists in that you do the maximum start at the very beginning. In case of winning, you divide your prize into smaller bets and so on. You can decide how and when to stop yourself. However, if you lose all your money on the first bet, you have no desire to continue playing.

Play and get out

It’s pretty obvious that this strategy imply that you play in some game and if it gives no results, you go to another. Using such strategy, you have to define a certain number of empty spins. And after getting such quantity, go to another slot. This strategy is suitable for those who have small bankroll. Remember that little bets is the most important part of the strategy.

Define how much you’d like to play on for the exact slot. If you got $100, then choose 10 different slots to play on $10 in every of them. The smaller budget you’re in, the lower bets you make. For example, if you do 20 spins and there’s no positive result, it would be better to go to another slot. However, if you have even a small winning, stay right where you are.

An Umbrella

You change your bets very smoothly. Every player can decide how big they will be, depending on a few factors:

  • Temporary gap
  • Bankroll
  • Your playing style (either aggressive or gentle)

At the very beginning, you have to decide the minimal size of your bet. After what you will be making it bigger or smaller. But try to avoid extreme increases as well as decreases.

The bet’s size is changing with the same step during all the game. You should rotate it depending on time and sums. The quantity of coins (sum of bets) should be lower than some part of a bankroll. Amount of bets have to be determined before the play starts. It will help you not to lose all your money in case of bad luck. For cautious players it is recommended to divide the whole sum you play on into smaller bets. And notice that it’s be better not to play on the same bet for long, otherwise, the strategy will become meaningless.

Empty Spins

These are rounds that give you no profit. You have to find out the quantity of such spins and go to another machine next time. You can switch between them in case of losing in the previous one. Quantity of empty spins should be about 7-15. If there are even more unlucky spins, you have probably lost the fortune or there aren’t any money in the machine. You can also use this strategy with the same bets’ sizes.

If you have big loss, you should try playing other slot, then, if everything goes well, you can start counting “bad” spins from the beginning. The strategy is suitable for those, who play in casinos where you don’t have to literally go from one slot to another. However, notice that this strategy doesn’t offer prizes and anything else, but an opportunity to see full statistics of your losses as well as wins.

Three Stars or Empty Numbers

This system is an addition to the previous one, and it’s almost the same, but it also has a principle of ending session after bad result. Quantity of such sessions can be very different. But you have to define a figure that means “empty numbers” - for example, it can be 6. So you do 10 spins with bets in size of 3 coins. But if you have finished 6 sessions, skip a bet of 1 coin and start from the beginning after. Getting of 6 empty spins in a bet in any moment means you should end the game.

Spring Chicken

Define how much money you have for one game and divide this sum into two halves. If you got $50 and you’d like to play in 5 slots, you can’t spend more than $10 on each machine. The most important is not to lose more than a certain sum as well as not playing more than a certain amount of time. However, you can use another strategy playing other slots.

And try not to forget slots you have already played in this day. In doing so, it doesn’t matter have you lost or win. If there’re many of them and you can’t remember, simply right them on a piece of paper. In case of completing you’d like to do, leave the facility or calculate everything again. Player can use any of the strategies above or even combine them. The most important is right bankroll.

Despite which strategy you have chosen, it would be better for you to use such currency as bitcoin. It has gained lots of popularity during the last time, because it gives you an opportunity to do anonymous and safety transactions. What is more, you can expect to get some additional bonuses debiting using it, because casino are interested in safety of their finances and identities, just like you are.
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May 30, 2019
i do play slots at fortunejack and i lose all my money on one slot. It was a total waste of money cause i could never has get any bonus game from the machine. It so hard to get bonus on slots.
Hiedi Kiser

Hiedi Kiser

Jul 23, 2019
Interesting information, found something new. I am new in this but have many friends who are fond of gambling so one day wanna try it too

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