Strange and Little-Known Habits of Tech Celebrities



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Jun 15, 2018
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We often think that billionaires are people from other planets who have succeeded thanks to a favorable coincidence of circumstances, talent, occasional meeting, etc. In fact, there is nothing mystical in their achievements — they are just ordinary people, sometimes with strange habits and complex character. We cite the example of billionaires, who impress everyone with their unusual deeds from time to time.


Mark Zuckerberg

• The behavior of Mark sometimes provokes more questions than answers. Being prone to an ascetic lifestyle, in 2013, he has built four mansions around his home. It is unlikely that he was attracted to a luxurious way of life; it’s just Zuckerberg heard gossips that some entrepreneurs are going to buy a block near his home. Moreover, they want to demolish several buildings and build on this place a villa with an overwhelming price. Obviously, Mark was not happy about this news, and he decided to intercept the purchase — that's how to deal with unwanted neighbors.

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