Star Trek Technologies That Now Exist



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Jun 15, 2018
Star Trek Technologies That Now Exist

The first “Star Trek” TV series was released in 1966, and the first film — in 1979. Hardly directors and screenwriters could assume that by 2019 their fictional technologies would not only become a reality but also change many business processes. “Beam me up, Scotty!” Phone, videoconferencing, virtual reality glasses and iPad — all of these gadgets appeared in the “Star Trek” movies or the TV series long before they entered the mass market.


Although the idea of AI doesn’t belong to the “Star Trek,” Data’s character demonstrates vividly how AI works in the real world. Looking at him, it is easy to imagine how perfect the AI will integrate into our life — and it will become the same everyday reality for us as for Captain James Kirk.

Today, we are at a primitive stage of development of AI: Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, unmanned vehicles, etc. This market will grow for a long time and penetrate gradually into all market sectors. Technologies are improving, and we begin to perceive them differently. Enterprises of various profiles will gradually cease to avoid AI and begin to implement it in their activity.

A good example is a legal field. Lawyers are already using AI to scan large amounts of documentation in search of specific information in the case. Technologies save time and improve the efficiency of the judicial system. A completely new form of legal practice is coming, which will be closely infused with the world of the latest technologies.

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