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Jun 18, 2018
On Sep. 14th, the media sharing and advertising platform Snapparazzi announced a pre-ICO and release of its minimum viable product (MVP) of a blockchain-based platform. Anyone with a smartphone and the Snapparazzi App can record events of political, social or entertainment value and earn money by selling it for broadcast to a willing buyer — be it a local news station, a global media giant, or an online news outlet. The interested buyers pay for the content in fiat currency, in turn content creators or breaking news reporters will be paid in SnapCoin, the platform’s token.

As a content creator you will receive 60% share of the advertising revenue, breaking news reporters will get 80% sales earnings through Snapparazz innovative auction system — that is much more compared to YouTube's offer.

How it Works

According to the company, Snapparazzi permanently solves the problem of incomplete media coverage. With over 2.3 billion smartphones in the world in 2017, every user can potentially become a unique and unrivaled source of exclusive footage or photos of newsworthy events.


Snapparazzi is everywhere, because smartphones are everywhere!

After all, many media companies lack journalists and fundings, which can be sent for filming report from the scene.

Snapparazzi is ready to bridge the gap by enabling users to make money by shooting and selling interesting social, political or entertainment events. That means that every person with a smartphone can be a “unique and unrivaled source” for the exclusive content. Moreover, the number of those potential sources increases every year.

Sell Your Content to the Top Bidder

Snapparazzi's innovative auction system allows users to sell their breaking news footage and guarantees a fair return of 80 percent of the sale price. So, content creators can choose the best price and sell their content to the top bidder.

There is another way to earn the SnapCoin — to be rewarded for watching targeted advertisements. In contrast to YouTube advertising, Snapparazzi ads are optional for viewing, and users can include these ads to their video on their own.

If you wish to be a more advanced user within Snapparazzi, you can become a moderator. This job requires ensuring that the other users view the most relevant content. The moderators efficacy and performance is judged by the other members before they are rewarded accordingly with SnapCoin.

Each Snapparazzi’s user will be able to earn!

The company’s revenue sharing model assumes

  • Content Creator will receive 60 % of the ad revenue,
  • Breaking News Reporters will get 80 % of the amount paid by the buyer,
  • Moderator will get 2 % of the revenue,
  • 20 % of ad revenue will be the viewer’s share.

Ethereum-based SnapCoin is a token which is used for payments within Snapparazzi platform and app. All auction’s bids are saved on the blockchain-based Smart Contracts. Once the seller and buyer agree on the price of the content, they use this Smart Contract. The payment for the content to be transferred instantly and automatically with copyright protection. All Snapparazzi’s transactions are stored as an immutable ledger, which protects them against cybersecurity threats.


The Snapparazzi developers’ team have planed a few big steps for November 2018. There will be the release of SnapCoin on exchanges as well as start of the beta testing for the app. In December 2018, the Snapparazzi app will be available on the App Store and Google Play. Next year, the company plans to open offices in North America, Asia and Europe, and will present the beta version of a live broadcast feature.
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