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Jun 3, 2018
869 is the neither HYIP or ICO. This is a long-term investment program with lifetime rewards in ETH. You can take back the main investment whenever you want. Scepter Holdings company specializes in marketing campaigns for brands.

Scepter Holders Rewards

The company shares 1% of the income between SCPT token holders. Information about the amount of profit and share for each token is disclosed every month.

Financial Part

The investor needs to buy tokens on one of the exchanges. Tokens are trading around a dollar $1 now but have just opened last month. We expect they will hover around this price through this year.
Admin gives ETH rewards to SCPT holders. Rewards are paid on the 15th of each month. For example, investors who register on November 27 will receive their first reward on December 15.

ScepterCash Treasure Guide

Each owner of an SCPT token receives payments in ETH monthly. How to start passive profit generation:
  1. You register with either centregold or forkdelta;
  2. You buy SCPT;
  3. You register on using the ETH address, for example, I used the metamask wallet;
  4. You receive rewards on ETH on the 15th of each month.

Affiliate Program

Right now, they have no affiliate program but they are working on it. Anyway, uplines can use CentreGold, since this is the only service where SCPT tokens are sold at a stable price.

Payment System

The tokens are traded on as a currency pair ETH/SCPT and some agents offer them and on the . The second site has been operating for 11 years at the time of writing but without reviews. I cannot find how to buy tokens on the first site.

ScepterCash AirDrop — Lifetime ETH Rewards

Don’t worry: all of these websites have SSL-certificate. No one will sell the base with payment data on the black market.
The second option is better since it takes 2-5 seconds to load and users can use PerfectMoney, Litecoin, Ethereum, c-gold, Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, Interfac Email Money, Credit Card, American Express, Alfa-Bank. Users also use these systems to sell SCPT.
They plan to add more exchanges will be trading SCPT in the next ten days. The admin promised will make the announcements on this thread.


The platform offers up to 1% monthly not from investor’s deposit, but from their income. It is extremely low-interest HYIP. The project is more like a lifetime Airdrop. Bad sides — the reward depends on the ETH exchange rate, there are few exchanges for buying and selling tokens. The project is suitable for people who have exceeded their investment limit in the bank and want to diversify their portfolio.
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