Really Valuable Things, Where We Can Tighten Our Belts



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Jun 15, 2018

We all like — or at least try — to manage money wisely and be more economical. But this doesn’t always mean that you need to choose the cheapest things. Here are six expensive things where we don’t need to tighten our belts according to financial experts.


Not everyone has a chance to get a free education, and paid education is often very expensive (and many wonder if it’s worth it). Education is definitely worth the money spent on it. “The accumulation of knowledge will increase your value in the labor market and allow you to demand higher pay from a future employer. In addition, learning new things makes life brighter and more interesting”, said financial consultant and founder of Life Laid Out Roger Ma.



Traveling benefits your health and general well-being. Financial expert Stephanie O’Connell, in her book “The Broke and Beautiful Life”, says that she doesn’t spare money on it: “I like to travel because it brings me joy.” People become happier when they spend their money on some valuable experience, but not on things.


Services that Save Your Time

Ma and O'Connell agree: you shouldn’t refuse services that will help you save time. “Time is the only thing that you can’t return, — Ma says — If your work wastes all your time, then some tasks can be shifted on to the shoulders of professionals — for example, cleaning or home repair.” O'Connell says: “My friend and I use food delivery services according to recipes and recently hired a person to clean the apartment once a month. We have already reached the standard of living when you realize that time is our most valuable resource, so it makes sense to pay for something that will allow us to save it.”


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