Quantity of Nodes in blockchain network has fallen. What does it mean?



Jun 26, 2018
Data of Bitnodes has shown that in the year 2018 quantity of nodes in the blockchain network of bitcoin has decreased by 15.5%. At the moment there are only 10004 of them. For the same time, quantitty of unavailable nodes felt on 33%, what is from 98000 to 65500, the CCN says.

Quantity of Nodes in blockchain network has fallen

Available Bitcoin Node is a node that can get and send requests for connections inside the network as well as saving data about all the transactions. At the same time, unavailable node can only set outgoing connections, but it can't do that with the inbox ones.

How the mass media tells, fall in quantity of available nodes can cause higher centralisation of the bitcoin network, what in its turn can become a reason of much bigger probelms, i.e. the 51% attack. This fall has probably took place because of the miners disconnecting their hardware due to the cryptocurrency price decrease.

Before there was another network parameter going down:

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