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Apr 16, 2018
This section is intended for posting of HYIP reviews and feedback from users who have invested in these projects.

Less informative posts, such as "I received a payment," "Admin leads the way," "Trump is our president" are not permitted.

The publication of such threads will be punished by issuing warning, reposting will result in the temporary or permanent blocking of your account.

To publish reviews, you need to have a verified user account or official representative account. To be assigned a required status, you need to post 10 useful messages on the forum or upgrade your account on a paid basis.

Our forum is created for sharing actual information. We don't intend to restrict communication between users on this topic, but we don't allow posting junk posts, that makes communication difficult and are in fact spam. The publishing of junk posts and spam is strictly prohibited by the Forum Rules.

You can join the forum team for posting well written HYIP reviews with your affiliate links or banners. To learn how to write a good HYIP review please click on the link and follow the instructions.
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May 3, 2018
Additions and Explanations

Dear forum members,
We are happy to see more and more publishers, more member's reviews and comments. Our society is growing and more information is coming inside. Here you can find necessary information for publishing your reviews.

So, if you want to publish review of a project, that is not observed at our website, you need:
- Be verified member. Click here for more information on becoming verified.
- Write interesting and informational review with screenshots, detailed investment info, payment systems, tech info, etc.
- Attach proof of your investment (screenshot or hash link)
- As you are Topic Starter, you should answer questions first, stimulate users to share opinions and payment proofs.
- We allow you to put your referral links as a reward of your time and contribution.

Ignoring of this rules leads to thread closure and ban.

We do all these steps to give our members as clear and exact information as possible. We don't want to raise flood and ref links spam.
Thanks for understanding
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