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Jun 26, 2018
Problems in brave new world
A long time ago people knew nothing about the internet and search any places of interest with in the big book. It look like as old phone book, but inside there was a list of cafes and shops of your city.
Happily, we have internet now. But there still are some big problems. For example, is bots. You can’t be sure that comments you read are either real or that they’re true. Also you can’t see everything that you want. You can’t find promo codes either in google maps or any other service.
But, you can easily solve all of this troubles and get even more features by using Pingvalue platform.
Pingvalue PreICO - investing in your spare time

Level up your life experience
The new Pingvalue platform bring you an opportunity to find interesting and exiting places more easily than you expect it. And give you even more by adding new places and commenting the old ones. But let’s start from the beginning.
You probably don’t have much of spare time, so you want to spend it with pleasure. You can do that somewhere in a cafe, cinema or more specific place, like a theater for intelligent persons, or a conference.
And this is where Pingvalue is going to help you.
For example. You have a day off. You probably want to start this day, like any other - with a coffee. You open an app and see coffeehouses nearby, also you see comments, rates and, what is more how can you save some money: use a promo code or say a secret word. After you drink you coffee you can left a comment about that place or write is the promo code works. For these leisure activities you earn money.
So after coffee you want to see a film. You choose a film and a cinema in the same app and, if you had used that app some time before, you have safe some money and now you can spend them on a ticket.
You would be hungry after a few hours watching a film. So you can find nice and cheap place to eat still in the Pingvalue app.
To sum everything, for you as a client this platform give an opportunity to find places that you want to visit, read real comments and reviews about this place, see the ways how you can spend less money there and get some money by reviewing places you have visited. That’s kind of cool, isn’t it?

How to get bonuses
If you’re interested now in this project. You can help it to become alive and earn some money, you can invest in this ICO and even get some additional coins during presale, which is on.

To see more important information you may visit: ICO Pingvalue helps Advertisers have more Affective Advertisement
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Jun 3, 2018
A great idea! A dynamic rhythm of our life give a chance for successful realisation of Pingvalue ICO.
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