(PAYING) FX Trading Corporation, Worth Reading, Long term, low risk (1 to 2.5% a day, 400% Return Possible) Passive



Feb 10, 2019
Montreal, CA
So I am going to Talk about FX Trading Corporation. READ til the end!!
Some of you might have heard about it some might not.
Links are at the bottom

Let me say this this is the ONLY site I am in right now. And here is why. If you have any questions not answered here, Please send me a PM and I will help you.


So based in South Korea, FX is a company from which profit is generated by trading bots. What is differant about this company is that you see People. They have offices in a few countries, they organize seminars and are active. Daily profit is generated and paid every weekend. (Up to 2.5%) and it is up to 2.5% no matter what plan you subscribed to.

The plans are as follows:

Bot100 = 100$US Investment in BTC
Bot300 = 300$US Investment in BTC
Bot500 = "
Bot1000 = "
Bot3000 = "
Bot5000 = "
Bot10000 = "
Bot20000 = "
Bot30000 = "
Bot40000 = "
Bot50000 = "

So no matter what the amount you want to invest rules are the same, plan rolls for 200days. Up to 2.5% however it is usually 1.3% - 1.7% for the most part.

Minimum withdrawal is 50$US and there are a 5% fee. They are treated within 24-48hr business. Personally took withdrawal never had a problem.

Also plans "Upgrade" are always available, so lets say you took your 100$ investment back in your pocket and you say ok Id like to take the 300$ plan, you can "Upgrade and only pay the difference (200).

So for what is written up top. It is 100% passive and runs every business day, once you take a plan you dont have to do nothing more.

If you want to make more money keep reading!!!

Binary Bonus

The second way to generate income is by binary bonus. This is important as most people on the site seems like they dont get this right.

This site is joinable only by invite, AND invite is only possible for active members. Which mean I cannot invite you to the site if I dont personally have invested. Therefor it is not possible to join, refer people and get money from referral only.

Initially, Binary is not activated, to activate it you need to do the following
Refer 2 active person (1 on each leg). Then your binary will activate. Doing so, you will receive 6% commission instantly on any plan purchased from any direct referral.

Once your first referral sign up, you change your Side, to the other side, then when the other sign up, your binary will activate. Then you play with the side and try to keep it as even as possible. (you are only paid binary bonus on your smaller legs) also the binary bonus is 10% of the plan purchased.

(PAYING) FX Trading Corporation, Worth Reading, Long term, low risk (1 to 2.5% a day, 400% Return Possible) Passive

As you can see in the picture above, that is my account, I have 53 person on my Right team, the score is the comission, its paid out on the smaller legs and then deducted from the total. As you can see it says Binary Qualified : yes.

Residual Bonus

And then there is residual bonus, which gives you 2% per day of the total daily payout of your team.

In order to activate this, you need 1000 Career Points (Star 1) the more points you get move you up in tiers and gets Residual on more levels.

Point are acquired like this, for every 10$ that you get in binary bonus, you get 100 points.

So to sums it up there is 3 bonus available.

-Passive bonus (up to 2.5%), activated after your purchase a plan.
-Binary Bonus (10%) of plan purchased from your referrals (up to a daily max of your plan)
-Residual Bonus (2% of whole tree Passive income) Activated after 1000 career points.

Here are the links :

Company information :

Registration Link :

Also, any person that register under me or the other 7 (on my left) or the other 50+ (on my right) will also go below you and counts towards the bonuses. So it is a team work that can get very lucrative.

Go and check it out. If you have any questions don`t hesitate to contact me.

Some withdrawal Proof Below

(PAYING) FX Trading Corporation, Worth Reading, Long term, low risk (1 to 2.5% a day, 400% Return Possible) Passive

(PAYING) FX Trading Corporation, Worth Reading, Long term, low risk (1 to 2.5% a day, 400% Return Possible) Passive


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