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Apr 16, 2018
Share your knowledge and expertise with the forum participants and get paid for this!

To motivate you to write interesting posts, we pay for each of your publications in forum credits that can be cashed, sent to friends or spent on a forum-branded keepsakes in our Shop.

The credit rate is determined by the forum administration; it can be changed at any time without prior notification.

The total amount of your credits can be tracked in your personal profile. Once the balance reaches $ 5, the credits can be cashed or spent on the forum lottery or forum-branded souvenirs.

By the way, an amount of $5 is our affiliate reward for each attracted active user. The affiliate program is available only for verified users.
To learn more about the Affiliate Program please click on the following link.

To earn from paid posting you must upgrade your status to the Verified User. To do this, you should post 10 useful threads of the forum or buy account upgrade. There is also more simple way to get the Verified User status — all you have to do is to tell about yourself in a special section of the forum.

Please, take time to read the Forum Rules to avoid any misunderstanding.
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