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Jun 26, 2018
Doctors that can harm you
Almost every person, who use internet, have visited, or at least know somebody who have visited sites about health. And, from one side, it’s really cool that you can learn and note lots of information on the web, including the one about the health. But, on the other hand, most of these sites are pseudoscience as well as most of these ‘doctors’ aren’t such at all.
This is a big problem, that there is no source, which you can trust, there’s no proofs of that doctor want and will help you. But it all can become true, when OPU platform is used.
One of the biggest parts of health industry is dermatology. With more than 100 billion dollars per year, with more than 500 million of search queries, with more than 100 thousand educated and certified professional dermatologist this industry has the biggest amount of untruthful information on the web.

This why OPU choose exactly this industry to work on.

OPU - profitable investment in skincare

What are the functions that platform gives?
The OPU has five -- different instruments to help people communicate with professionals dermatologist, find the best solutions for their case and socialise with other customers. These instruments are:
  • UPO AI. Powerful algorithms that can analyzes your skin photo. After that it compares it with database and build your personal plan and recommendations to solve problems with your skin.
  • OPU Search. Search engine, which can connect you with nearest top dermatology shops and find the best option for you, using results of UPO AI.
  • OPU Coin. Token of the OPU platform that are paid not only to dermatologists, but also to customers. What means that this system is beneficial for all, who use it.
  • OPU Connect. A kind of social network that connects you with other people, who were in a similar situation like you, have gained lots of experience, and now can help you with some advices.
  • OPU CRM. Tool, specialized for dermatologos to socialize with customers, who might need their help and then get paid in OPU Coin.

And all of these functions are connected in simple and productive app for your phone with high usability interface and more small benefits.

If now you’re thinking about the quality of your investment. You should notice that ICO begins at 1 august, so don’t be late. Because this platform will become a sample of medical app in the future. And while other people will be thinking about investment in health industry, you will already be a holder of tokens of the flagship platform.

To recognise more interesting facts about the OPU system and healthcare industry in general follow this link: OPU ICO - new modern engine of progress in dermatology » HYIP.com - Online Investment Watch Blog
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