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Jun 3, 2018
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Hello everyone!

We have a great news for you. Our forum team launched the SportsBook section in test mode today. What benefits and what you can do here:
• Make a request for RSB and receive points;
• Get insurance after a Scam of some HYIPs;
• Make a bet on the work of any HYIP and win points;
• Predict the outcome of events in the cryptoworld;
• Make bets on absolutely any events that interest you.

When creating new events, you will see new threads with bookie prefix. We will also write about adding a new event in the appropriate branch. Don’t be lazy to check the section of the Sportsbook. You can see events there with a very obvious outcome.


You can receive or win points (our internal currency). For example, we pay RSB points and you can spend them in our store, withdraw to the account of a convenient payment system or put in our bank at the current rate and provide a passive income. But be careful! We pay bank’s income only if you visited our forum at least once yesterday.

Now we have included a test mode for verified users, so only they can use this option. We reserve the right to close the vote ahead of time if the project stops paying. In this case, the winners who predicted the outcome of No will be paid a reward. You haven’t yet been verified? Well, this is a great reason to do it.

To get the verified status you need to write on the topic Let's Introduce Ourselves - Answer in detail only five questions: what is your name, how old are you, what do you do in your life, what will you share on the forum and what do you expect to receive from it.

Any questions? Ask below or catch me in our chat. We propose to arrange a battle of psychics now. Place your wagers.

Yours sincerely,
Forum Team
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