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Jun 26, 2018
Main rules for playing in online casinos

When somebody hears word casino, he has two association - luck and fortune. And it is absolutely fair if you don’t do big rates hastily, but your play strategy is thought-out and suspended.

By the way, before start playing you have to think about is your money in safe. For example, after getting prize on your bank account, tax inspection may want a few questions to be answered. If casinos in your countries are forbidden or gambling industry is under lots of limits, big gain can even draw attention of law enforcement agencies. In such case, at best you’re about to lose all the money you’ve got on your account. At worst, you can even go to jail because of “money-laundering”, “gambling-involvement” and so on.

The optimum solution to such problem is the use of cryptocurrencies (bitcoin and altcoins). These coins, built on the blockchain technology, are easy to send as well as receiving. No one is technically able to block, cancel or withdraw transaction in cryptocurrency network. All of these makes playing in online casino stable and anonymous, what is more, it makes it safety and secured from different watchdogs.

Taking into account the permanent growth of cryptocurrencies’ quantity, player always have an opportunity to choose the exact coin he'd like to use, while competition among coins leading easing of prize withdraw and casino usability.

During the last time, more and more players all over the globe are choosing the cryptocurrency to play with, because blockchain technology help to check casino’s fairness, make deposits really fast and withdraw prizes almost immediately.

What do you have to know?

To begin with, decide how much money you want to play for. It’s the most important factor for beginners. Lose everything and get into debts is fairly bad idea. You should withdraw your money as soon as you have won, don’t even try to play all your previous loses back.

If you think that you have found a new playing style or invented a strategy, always try it in demo mode before playing for real money. After testing it, you will be able to say is it well or not. But there are no guarantees that slots in demo mode are similar to the real ones. So even already “checked” strategy has to be checked again on real slot machines, but only with extra small bets.

By the way, if you play in blockchain based casino you can be sure that slots in demo mode and the real ones use the same algorithms and sequently work with no difference.

Rules for online casino players

For beginners it is enough to follow only a few of them, because they give you an opportunity to reach the best result in shortest time:

  • Choose the casino type at first - mobile app or the flash version. Downloaded app is going to be the best solution for newbies
  • Play nowhere, but in trustworthy casinos. Frequent mistake is to play in the first found place. A smart player will always prefer place that is popular and well known
  • Pay attention to how the casino looks like. Reliable place always has trendy and pleasant design. If it doesn’t, you have to be extremely careful while playing there
  • Find information about bonuses, because most casinos have a variety of bonus programs. Play in the most generous place, but remember that not all of the bonuses may be beneficial to you, so read the rules of bonus program closely
  • 24 hour support service that speaks your language. It might be helpful not only for beginners, but for all players as well
  • A casino must have a certificate or a license. You should play only in those with legal casinos
  • Find out about the payment systems casino supports. Most of them works with Perfect Money, Neteller, Skrill or Payeer. Some of them also support bitcoin which is the safest payment system
  • Choose slots with good payout percentages, otherwise you won’t get profit
  • Always learn something, that might be advice of experienced players, info from specialized blogs or dialogue with others on forums

Roulette - how to play

Remember that there’s no strategy that gives you 100% win chance. There are some that make it way too bigger, but if you want to use such, you have to learn, check and find the most effective of them. If player starts to roulette, the easiest way to absorb it is to bet on red and black. When you play on numbers, you prize is calculated 1:35, when you play on colors, it is 1:1.

By the way, dispersion laws tell us that playing with equal chances and minimal bets always lead us to lose. On the other hand, losing value will be rather small and the time spent on the game will rather be giant. However, it seems to be the most optional strategy for beginners

You have to remember that in American roulette there’s an additional zero, what makes the winning chance even less. Experts recommend to play in European (sometimes called French) roulette. It makes no difference in technical field, but if you follow the instructions, possibility of win is getting higher and higher.

Poker - how to play

Modern casinos supports a variety poker types, but in all of them target is the same - collect a certain cards combination. These are a few of them:

  • Royal Flush. 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same rank
  • Straight Flush. All cards of the same suit with descending ranks
  • Four of a Kind. 4 cards of the same rank
  • Flush. All cards of the same rank
  • Straight. Five cards in ascending order
  • Three of a Kind. 3 cards with the same rank
  • Pairs. Two cards with the same rank

Blackjack - how to play

Online Black Jack

Very popular game with a variety of ways to play. Main goal is to collect card combination with rates sum of 21 or less, in case you score more, you lose. The game is really simple, but you still have to find out rules and cards rates in the exact online casino, where you’d like to play.

Other rules

In big amount of online casinos players are able to communicate via built in chat. Another special chat is chat with customer service. Almost in all such places, you can find strict rules: proper behavior, prohibition of rudeness as well as insults. Violation of such rules will always be punished.

Big online casinos are working hard to remain the sane atmosphere among players, that’s why accounts from which insults come are always get into the black list. What is more, rules vis-à-vis violators are always tightening: bonus refuse, playing back complication. So it is very important to follow casino rules and be kind towards other players.
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