Niceties of Investing in Low-interest HYIPs



Jun 18, 2018
The basic economic rule is that the higher the level of yield is, the higher the risk exists. It extends to the HYIP industry. Some investors erroneously use it to explain low risks in low-interest HYIPs. But this logic doesn’t work in the opposite direction. Even projects with low-interest investment plans remain high-risk. After all, this is the essence of HYIP. And here the question arises — is it worth having to do with them, when there are more profitable offers with comparable risks? The investment secrets presented in the article will allow you to combine all the options offered at the market. And at the same time, they minimize the chances of losing your money.

Interest Rates. There is no single standard for what exactly belongs to low-interest projects. Sometimes, even interest rates of 1% per day are already considered small. In our opinion, the level of 12% per month is the boundary between the low- and mid-interest HYIPs. The break-even point time is directly dependent on dividends. The break-even point is the moment when the initial deposit pays off and you can leave only dividends on the HYIP account. We just want to warn you, that this doesn't happen in all cases.

This is the main problem. Low-interest projects live on average longer than mind- and high-interest projects. But they rarely live out to that moment when investors can withdraw their own funds and leave only interest to work. This has an effect on the low-interest HYIP investment strategy.


The investment strategy for low-interest HYIPs should include several components at once:

• Diversification;

• Low profit doesn’t mean the absence of risk;

• Constant control;

• Ability to close the deposit and exit;

Diversification should be not only within different low-interests HYIPS but also within different classes of projects. For example, you can invest 20% in fast HYIPs, 40% in low-interest HYIPs, and 40% in mid-interest HYIPs.

The practice has shown that some HYIP admins benefit from the people’s belief that low-interest HYIPS live longer. And during, for example, 1 month, until the moment of the first payouts, they collect deposits. After this period, a scam occurs, and all the money disappears with it. Therefore, even if you decide to invest in a HYIP that offers long investment plans and promises small but realistic return, you need to check it out.

Verification shouldn’t only be at the initial stage when you choose a HYIP for investment. But also in consequence, since the market situation may change dramatically, and yesterday's reliable project will be suddenly out of a limb. Do you have time to go out and withdraw the deposit, and maybe interest as well, depends on how vigilant you were.

When do you need to leave a HYIP? There are precedents when a low-interest HYIP has been working for years, for example, the famous FX-Trend. This is rare, even when if we talk about a low-interest project. Even if such a project doesn’t have a high payout pressure, there is an admin who wants to make money. Therefore, even without the payout pressure, HYIP can be closed in one day, when the owners will want it. Thus, the task of the investor is to get out of such project in time.

There's no reason for you to chase the achievement of a break-even point, withdraw a deposit and leave only the profit to work. Such a strategy, in this case, isn’t suitable. Calculate in the head, if the 12% per month is promised for $ 100 deposit, then it will take 8-9 months to get 100% profit without reinvestment — even low-interest projects don’t live so long.

Therefore, it is possible, and sometimes necessary, to leave such a project, after obtaining a sufficient level of profitability, or if you suspect a fast scam. In practice, it is relatively safe to work for 2 months. But this is on condition that you have chosen successfully and wisely who were given your money.

Low-interest projects are an acceptable option as one of the elements of your investment portfolio. As with other elements, HYIPs of this category must be chosen carefully and you need to never forget that even a low-interest HYIP is a high-risk investment project.

Also, don’t forget that there are admins who disguise SCAM HYIPs as low-interest projects — they make the first payout (or don’t make it) and close a project.

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