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Sep 8, 2018
A look at the Ethereum price dynamics in the past 12 months says it all:
$1098 on Jan 18, only $227 on September 6. Sure, we all hope that ether will
rise again and bring us all tremendous profits, but is there anything we can
do meanwhile, except for just HODLing? Let's face the truth: when you put
your money on a deposit account, the bank pays you interest; when you buy
shares, they (hopefully) pay dividends; when you invest your money in an
apartment, you can earn money renting it. But if you simply HODL your ether,
you get nothing.
An interesting new solution has caught my attention - a project that allows
you to make your ether work and bring you dividends instead of just lying
there in your wallet. It's called 333ETH, and its mechanism is very simple.
Basically, it uses the ether contributed by new members to pay dividends to
those who have joined earlier. I can already hear you say, "But wait - it's a
pyramid!" But there are a few key features that make 333ETH very different
from a traditional pyramid.
First, it is completely decentralized, and the organizers have no control
over the funds transferred to the smart contract address - the contract
includes a special ownership waiver to this effect. This means that the
administrators won't be able to disappear with the money. In fact, even if
the organizers decide to quit, the project will go on working perfectly well
without them. Potentially it could even provide lifelong payments!
Second, the dividend rate are not outrageously high - it is 3.33% daily, and
17% of it is withheld at withdrawal and allocated for marketing and tech
support. That is, the project has enough funds to attract new members,
provide adequate protection against hacker attacks, and so on. The system
makes automatic payouts to the account of your choice every 24 hours.
Third - and here lies the key to the system's stability - you can only
withdraw the dividends. What makes all classic pyramid schemes collapse is
the fact that they return members' deposits upon request, which makes payout
volumes unsustainable. In 333ETH, you cannot withdraw the main body, only the
reward. This may seem unfair at first, but in fact it's enough to stay in the
project for just over a month to receive a profit. In fact, the organizers'
decision to let members withdraw only the interest (minus the commission)
seems like a very wise and responsible one.
Registering and transferring ether is extremely easy (you just need to have a
personal ETH wallet, not one from an exchange). The project is only a few
days old, but it is showing strong growth, which can be monitored on The team already has a successful smart contract that has been
working without interruptions for a few months, so I don't see why 333ETH
shouldn't succeed, too. The model is transparent and fair, the dividend rate
is attractive, and overall it seems like a great solution to wait out this
period of low ETH prices. I have made a moderate deposit two days ago, and
the dividends were paid on time. Could this be what we've all been waiting

is the site 333 ETH

To get + 3.33% to your deposit, insert
0xd232AeeDD045Ce72C3d004204A31a585c62d660F in the Data field when sending the
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