Ongoing Nagricoin: why agriculture is so interesting industry for investors now.



Jun 26, 2018
There lots of people, who’re used to “classical” investments, such as stocks, shares, HYIPs or forex, at the same time they have scepticism about cryptoworld and ICOs, particularly. You may be one of them, so we’re here now to change your mind and dispel general myths about this huge, progressive and highly potential industry. Let’s get started.

To begin with, we should take a closer look at one of the upcoming ICOs

For example it can be Nagricoin, which might be interesting for people from Agricultural industry.

Nagricoin: why agriculture is so interesting

Nagricoin ICO give you an opportunity to invest in NGRX token, based on Ethereum blockchain, and which stability is supported by a real world’s product - innovative organic composite.

You might be surprised now, because probably you have thought that ico funding can only be aimed at electro services and others. But let me tell about this situation more detailed.

First of all, here’s Nagritech ltd, a company, which already exists for 7 years and it also has a big customer base, because of the quality of their products; their produce lots of organic composites for plants.

Since 2000 this company have being developing a brand new and innovative composer. After that for more than they were testing this product in ten countries and the test gave a positive result.

Nowadays to make the final preparations before release and to distribute this product, they have started an ICO.

That way, you can see that token sale can not only be launched by beginners with the pile of enthusiasm, but also by professional experts in their field with pile of great experience.
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