My Day



Oct 2, 2018
Newport news
My Day Begins with me getting up in the morning, Thanking God for letting me see this day, then I out up my work book, and I write down my time I will be online all day this is how I do my day everyday,I have other earning webs sites that i go, to everyday to earn money and this is how I, earn my money everyday I have hospital bills I have to pay off, so i have to work hard as i can online, to earn this money I just enjoy earning online this is,one of the best jobs I have ever had

Why do this man come to me, and tell me their money problems, like I can solve them I think he want me to say, I will give him the money for the bill that he owes but I am not, going to say that I can see clear through, this person when he talks like this so when, he talks I say nothing because I know he is waiting, for a reply from me but he won't get one, I have my own bills to pay that is why, i am online earning my extra money, to pay off my bills
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