Money From Thin Air: How to Monetize Your Personal Data



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Jun 15, 2018
In a world where a man spends so much time around the web, it’s hard to imagine what a huge digital footprint it leaves. This includes geolocation, clicks on banners, getting stuck on the pages and comments on the content of a specific nature. Not to mention that such online dependent people have long given access to various photo galleries and contacts to various applications. All this information is carefully collected by Facebook, Google and our other favorite applications. Further, based on these profiles and our understanding of our behavioral habits, they sell the possibility of targeted advertising to advertisers. And curious companies get information to understand what is interesting to the user. That’s all for money, of course.

And since our data has such value for someone and still fall into the wrong hands, then why not make money on it? Immediately, we note that this is a risk and is fraught with the loss of your privacy. If you still have it and this thing doesn’t frighten you, then here are 5 ways to turn personal data leakage into earnings.



Research and opinion polls need information about your buying, behavioral, and social habits. They are willing to pay for this. It is not much, but real money. For example, CitizenMe pays $ 0.13 for answering 10 questions (a couple of minutes). You get money for a dozen answers to easy questions about yourself and a couple of minutes.

For the same purpose, you can use UserTesting. However, the site works as questions and demand for your opinion arise. It pays more, but not so often.



You can allow the application to monitor your use of social networks and phone. Monitoring means tracking activity, but not recording telephone conversations, messages (although who knows?). The Wibson app pays with tokens — the application's local currency — for accessing your geolocation, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google accounts. Then these tokens can be exchanged for something useful such as free trips of Uber, subscriptions in Spotify. You can choose: either it will be anonymous information, for example, how often a 20-year-old law student walks into Instagram, or where your identity appears in a social network account. Wibson later collects, standardizes and sells this information to its partners for effective marketing strategies, useful products and targeted advertising.

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