Finished MOAC Tokens - 1 Phase AirDrop for Unlimited Quantity of People on Q3 2018 - Aug to Sept



Jun 26, 2018
What is the MOAC Main Idea?
You could hear news and stories about how much money blockchain build projects get. Therefore you might have an idea: Why not to make my own projects to raise some budget?
Although the world of cryptocurrencies offers unique opportunities and also has giant potential, it might be incredibly difficult for beginners to enter this. And it’s not only about investors, but is also about developers.
So if you got the same problem, take a look at special constructors. The most advanced of these is MOAC platform.

MOAC tokens - 1 Phase AirDrop for Unlimited Quantity of People on Q3 2018 - Aug to Sept

It offers you some interesting instruments to implement all features that can be found in professional projects. These instruments include:
  • P2P. Connect your client and server straight
  • MotherChain. Unite all that might be helpful for your project
  • EventHandling. Transactional, profes and other crypto stuff.
  • MicroChain. Build smart contracts to make functionality even bigger.
  • API. Add any popular API, that might help you project to become better. These, for example, includes support of different currencies
What do You Have to Do?
Go to the airdrop website (link is below) => Register and verify your account => Do daily easy-peasy tasks => Complete the personal data form => Get Paid

Want More Information?
  • Telegram
    • Enter the channel
  • Twitter
    • Follow
  • Facebook
    • Like the page
    • Follow the group
  • Other required accounts
    • E-Mail
    • Medium
After doing all of these, complete a form, which includes your email, social media links, username, ERC20 Ethereum wallet.
Anyway, don’t forget to check up the referral system, which is also included here.

AirDrop Bonus
You may find strange that the quantity of participants of this airdrop is unlimited.
Price of the token is about 4 dollars, but it’s still unknown how much of them will be claimed for each (unverified sources tells that it’ll be 5 per person), on the other side we already know that 300,000$ estimated for the drop. So you can be the first person on this planet, who will find this out.
Although this situation might make you think that this is a scam, MAOC is already listed on coinmarketcap, what makes it trustworthy.

MOAC official website:
Magic link to the AirDrop:
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