Mistakes of Experienced Investors



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Jun 18, 2018
Not only beginners make mistakes, but also investors with the experience. It is very important to not to lose self-control and a critical view of the situation even after the passage of time. This is a common problem that a beginner starts to consider himself as a professional after 2-3 months of investment. The crown on the head hinders the sensible view of the situation greatly and therefore increases the chances of losing money. In this article, we have collected the most common mistakes of experienced players in the HYIP industry.

Unconditional Trust to Long-running HYIPs

If the site works stable for a year or more, I want to believe that everything will be fine in the future. We are all used to the fact that SCAM comes within a couple of months, or even a couple of weeks, from the moment of launch. When we face a large and successful project that has broken conventions about the duration of HYIPs, it seems that it will have a great future, and there is a desire to invest in it.

Mistakes of Experienced Investors

No past success can be a guarantee for the future ones. On the contrary, the more investment cycles a HYIP passes, the higher are the chances that it will be going scam. And the lifetime of the HYIP isn’t an argument, because the project doesn’t produce anything, but only distributes finances between users. There is always an admin who needs money and this fact, along with the decreasing of new investments flow will lead it to the end.

Belief in Chargeback

A chargeback is an option that only a small number of payment systems can boast. The implicit faith that chargeback will save you in case of scam leads to trouble. The user believes that he invests any amount of money without risk, and all of them are borne by the payment provider.

In practice, returning money according to this procedure is a whole quest and there is no utter certainty that it will definitely work out in one particular case. Payment systems propose a huge list of requirements and return the money extremely reluctantly. In theory, it is an excellent tool that makes monetary relations more secure, but in practice, it works so badly with HYIP. Be prepared that in some situations you won’t be able to document the return. You will spend a huge amount of time and effort, and as a result, EPS will refuse to fulfill your application.

Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on this as a solution to all difficulties. In addition, worthy HYIPs that support payment systems with chargeback can be counted on one hand.

Belief in the Reality of the Company’s Activity

This’s a very common misbelief. An experienced investor, who has seen dozens of systems, recognizes easily that their legend is made up. But a big new player comes, and there is a professional administrator behind him. He manages to delude absolutely everyone. The disputes continue from the moment of the start and up to the scam of the project in the network. The question is: “What’s this — a real organization or Ponzi scheme?”

Mistakes of Experienced Investors

If you have doubts, and you should have them, always give preference to a less secure idea. For example, if you think - is it a real bank from the UK or HYIP? If there are at least some hints on the work of the project on the basis of the Ponzi scheme, then this is the Ponzi scheme.

Acquaintance with the Admin

Administrators, as a rule, hide their real data. After all, all their creations ultimately steal money. A personal acquaintance is no more than a correspondence or some kind of contact in this environment. It is a mistake to believe that such a relationship with a person gives at least some guarantee that he won’t deceive you.

To begin with, the correspondence with the admin of HYIP can’t be considered a personal acquaintance. In fact - you are not familiar. It is even easier to deceive you than a regular user because you have given a convenient tool for this - unlimited trust supported by “personal connections”.

It’s a delusion to assume that you will have time to leave the HYIP, when admin will give you a secret signal or make an individual payment for you, etc. You are one of the thousands, and you have no personal relationship, even if you thought otherwise at first. Your "friend" has one goal - to earn, including using you.

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