Mistakes of Beginner Investors



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Jun 18, 2018
High-risk investments such as HYIPs require an adequate level of preparation and self-organization. This isn’t quick or easy money. There is a whole bunch of mistakes that most beginners make. We want you to learn from the mistakes and experiences of others, so we have gathered useful tips for the beginner HYIP investor in this material.

Misunderstanding How the HYIP Works

There is a small test: in which project is it better to invest $ 100 — in a HYIP with a 20% investment return or $ 50? If you choose one of two options — you are a bad investor. A professional investor won’t be able to choose only on the basis of income. This is one of the dozens of options. There are others, for example, the investment term, interest terms (the principal included or principal return) and many others. Therefore, before investing money, be sure to study how the market is arranged in a broad sense, as well as to study HYIPs specifically.

Belief in Unlimited Profits

Even under the belt of experienced investors, there were a mass of HYIPs, which promised 10% per day, but didn’t work even a week. Why believe in such fairy tales, if neither profit nor the return of the deposit will be in the end? Forget about super profits forever. Even if you think that you can “jump in” and “jump out” from the HYIP while it is still paying, in strategic terms this is not just risky, it is guaranteed to be unprofitable.

HYIP is a highly profitable investment project. Don’t exacerbate the already shaky situation. There is no huge rates and reliability rolled into one.

Mistakes of Beginner Investors

Belief in the Eternal/Long Life of the Project

All HYIPs have a limited lifespan. In advance, it is known only to the admin of the project. Investors play with fire until they have withdrawn their money. If the site has worked for more than 50 days, then it can be called a “long-liver,” since this period is more than average. There's no point panicking and closing all your deposits in 10 days, but blind faith in eternal/long life won’t lead to anything good.

You can often hear the same argument — if I withdraw, I will lose the profit. But no loss of profit can be compared with the loss of the entire deposit and interest on it in addition. Always remember that every day the likelihood of scam only increases, and the day when you will have to exit from its investments is getting closer.

Inability to Diversify

The ability to choose and then allocate resources for earnings is one of the main skills of successful investors. This skill will develop over time, but at the initial stage, there is no need to deny the need to distribute contributions. Don’t chase the fact that money is constantly working. If at the moment there are no interesting offers that you would trust, this doesn’t mean that you must put all your eggs in one basket. This skill can be gained, albeit from your own mistakes. But with the lack of understanding that this skill is of important so much, we must definitely fight.

Mistakes of Beginner Investors

Desire for Quick Money

A dream is to earn a lot of money and do nothing at the same time isn’t feasible even for HYIP owners and especially for investors. Only 26% of them earn, the rest lose. The work is to be done, and it is permanent and unlimited. The desire to make quick money borders on the misunderstanding that for successful investing you will have to analyze a lot of information and be on the alert constantly.

It is important to understand that with $ 50 you will not earn $ 5 million in one week. High speed is measured in percent. And if we look at the real sector of the economy, then investing in a HYIP is one of the most profitable projects available to ordinary users. But this statement is true only in case of skillfully funds management. After all, one SCAM and ignoring the principle of diversification will lead to huge losses.

Stay out of Professional Space

A good investor always keeps abreast of the HYIP industry. You need to become a part of the investment forums community and various media channels before you made your first deposit. You need to literally be like a duck to water in this eco-system. This is a source of news, including insiders.

Deliberately or unintentionally ignoring sources of information ends up missing the most important thing from view. For example, an insider that it is urgently needed to withdraw money and the project closes in a day.

This is a step on a rake, and this mistake, unfortunately, do a lot of beginners. And what problems have you encountered? Tell us in the comments.

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Dec 15, 2020
Good points to note for startup investors like me. I'll remember your opinions for next investment projects.
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