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Oct 21, 2018
Hi everyone, we are pleased to announce the launch of MIdas1000👑 Exchange!

💎 The aim is to create stable income system on bearish market.

💎 The gist is to increase capitalization of smart contract to increase MID token price and encourage people to hold, harvest dividends from all the operations being processed by the smart contract.

💎 The first step of our roadmap is to reach 1000 ETH cap to earn some popularity. To do that we've already closed several agreements with bloggers related to cryptocurrencies and investment itself additionally to other channels of promotion.

🌐 Link:

🌚 Telegram Chat:

🗝 Smart Contract:

❓ FAQ:

Midas1000👑 Concept

Considering current poor market, it’s difficult to imagine even 2x. It’s fair: vast amounts of money and bullish deals are necessary to double your assets. The aim of Midas1000 is to create stable income system on bearish market. And here is the main point of the concept: MID ERC-20 token has zero capitalization at the moment of launching the project.

As the token price grows, you will generate more and more ETH respectively to the amount of your MID tokens as like as the other holders joined the exchange. The exchange has MID-ETH pair only and pays you dividends for all the operations being processing inside. Moreover, you can get payouts thanks to your referrals.

In order to prevent early sell and decrease the risk of losses, there is a fees distributional system.

While depositing, you’re charged with 10% and withdraw takes 4%. All fees are distributed among the all token holders.That’s why hodling assets decreases risk of loss significantly. You can check your accumulated dividends on the website or through etherscan, read contract section. Dividends could be withdrawn or reinvested instantly. Such an approach lets the all token holders not to worry about price of the token and its slow growth.

Ethereum smart contract is fully automated and could not be changed once deployed.

Check FAQ for more explicit info. Each operation can be executed directly from Etherscan Page.

Midas1000 referral system lets you earn referral dividends additionally to fees ones. You get 3% of the amount of your friend’s investment. To do that, ask your buddy specify your ethereum address, while buying MID tokens.

To start making money within Midas1000 community, you must have Metamask Browser Extension. It’s a user interface for your ETH wallet. Login your account and then all info about your tokens, balance, dividends will be shown on the website.

Install Metamask:



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