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Aug 22, 2018

Introducing Luckydice

An array of bright lights entice you at your every turn, shoe-shaped trains whiz by you three times faster than a plane, and fully personalized meals are being brought to you by a robot who paid with sats - yes, we know. It feels like you time-traveled to the future. That’s because you just did. Welcome to the year 2035.

If you’ve already explored everything there is and want to experience some more excitement, you can stop at Neko’s - a tantalizing fest for all senses unlike any other. Neko 猫, a Beckoning Cat, is waving at you, inviting you to come in. Let us tell you a little secret - if her right paw is raised, that summons good fortune and money.

However, some things are still as you know them - your future is decided by the Daruma doll. There are thirteen types of luck, both good and bad. If your fortune is good, the omikuji (aka crypto) is taken home; but if the Daruma doll predicts bad luck, tie it to a tree at the temple and hope the prophecy doesn’t come true. The challenging part of the game is - your destiny is written on the doll before you start the game and it cannot be changed, but you will find out what it is is only after you rolled the dice!

Ready to take on an extra challenge? Perfect, because Neko got a few more tricks up his sleeve. Instead of rolling the dice and letting it decide the outcome of your game, you may hit a bonus game and win big!

As you glide through the future, you can lean on your knowledge from the past and try to calculate your own luck.

Play , win big and tell everyone your wealth comes from the future - they will surely be impressed. Or lose everything and blame it on your future self. But whatever you do, just have fun!

Are you ready to roll the dice?

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