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Jun 3, 2018
ICO concept: reduce bureaucracy through the automation platform of laws and agreements. It perfectly expresses the essence of the German mentality.
More info about problems and solutions: LTO Network ICO — Trust Balance for B2B on The Basis of a Combining Chains

LTO Network ICO — Better Solutions for B2B Interaction


The main indicator of the project prospects is the presence of competitors. For LTO Network, these include Etherium Enterprise, Hyperledger.


The project developed by 16 people, of the most notable:
  • Rick Schmitz — CEO, analyst and lawyer;
  • Arnold Daniels — competent developer, on GitHub since 2009;
  • Martin Migchelsen — co-founder, operations director. Concurrently co-founded several companies with Rick. He has long worked in several management positions;
  • Sven Stam — CTO, distributed systems specialist.
And 4 advisors:
  • Mike Egorov from NuCypher — a physicist-coder with the appropriate education and skills. Available for communication believes in technology and the future of the Blockchain;
  • Sandor Klein — sales and management software with extensive experience. He is currently in a leadership position at Docker, whose containers are used in LTO Network nodes;
  • Pedro Irujo — finance, implementation of business strategies. He was a PwC consultant, managing positions at Ernst & Young, Vodafone. Now a member and advisor of CEMEX Ventures;
  • Femke Stroucken — legal support. Involved in the development of a project aimed at using Live Contracts as lease agreements.

Current Results

At the pre-sale in October-December 2017, the project raised 1.4 million dollars.


MVP is ready, the operating company with a customer base is ready. The team clearly understands why Blockchain benefits and how to transfer it to the real world. GitHub is constantly updated and developed. There are several lawyers in the team, so with registration and legal issues, everything is perfect.
Partnership agreements exclude mutual PR. WhitePapers are made correctly, without water. Now investors can buy tokens for the holding.

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